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Welcome to Clumpy

Welcome to the home of CLUMPY, a code modeling AGN clumpy dust torus emission, developed at the University of Kentucky.

Latest news

2010-September-24 3:00pm EST: We have found a bug in the old code that caused the torus models to have incorrect normalization. The spectral shapes of the SEDs were not affected by the bug, only the absolute flux levels were. The bug has been fixed, and the models re-generated. The catalog and the online creation of models are now re-enabled. An erratum to Nenkova et al. 2008b (ApJ, 685, 160) has been published in ApJ, 723, 1827.

The torus covering factor 'f2' -- see Eq. 9 in Nenkova et al. 2008a (ApJ, 685, 147) -- is now called 'f2' in the CLUMPY output files (it used to be called 'Pnorm').

Together with the catalog update we have increased the number of Y values that can be selected (multiple selections OK now). The maximum number of models that can be calculated online in one run is now 1000 (up from 100). Finally, the models will now be generated faster (more CPUs).

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CLUMPY description

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All data available on our website are public, and reflect the latest state of our scientific research and development. Please feel free to use them for the benefit of your research, provided that acknowledgement is made in each publication. The bibliographic references are:

Nenkova, M., Sirocky, M.M., Ivezic, Z. & Elitzur, M.,
"AGN Dusty Tori: I. Handling of Clumpy Media", 2008,
ApJ, 685, 147, and

Nenkova, M., Sirocky, M.M., Nikutta, R., Ivezic, Z. & Elitzur, M.,
"AGN Dusty Tori: II. Observational Implications of Clumpiness", 2008,
ApJ, 685, 160

Please note that models may be subject to change or update at any time. Therefore, please make sure to use the latest data available (the catalog provides the date of creation of each model file).

The CLUMPY group, University of Kentucky

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