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Physics and Astronomy

Physics & Astronomy Colloquium

3:30 PM, Friday, January 13, 2011
Room 155, Chem-Phys Building

Dr. Daniel Dombeck
Department of Physics
Nortwestern University

"Using light to study the brain: from two-photon microscopy to virtual reality''

When animals navigate from point A to point B, the activity of neurons in a brain region called the hippocampus increases at specific locations along the path. These neurons, known as ``place cells'', represent an internal map that is used by animals to remember where they have been and to determine where next to go. How these neurons are physically organized within the brain was a major unresolved issue in neuroscience. I will discuss the details of the imaging techniques and experimental apparatus that has allowed us to measure their physical arrangement. The methods used range from two photon microscopy to virtual reality for mice.

Refreshments will be served in CP 179 at 3:15 PM