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Physics and Astronomy

Physics & Astronomy Colloquium

3:30 PM, Wednesday, Feb 4, 2015
Room 155, Chem-Phys Building

Dr. Kristan Jensen
State University of New York, Stony Brook

Hydrodynamics, Strings and Anomalies

Hydrodynamics is a centuries-old subject which is experiencing an unexpected revolution as an indirect byproduct of string theory. Most features of the hydrodynamic theory are now understood from first principles, and a host of new transport coefficients have been discovered which were missed in the textbook treatment. In particular, quantum anomalies lead to a required modification of the hydrodynamic equations through non-dissipative chiral transport, which may have observable consequences in astrophysics. I will discuss this progress, the inspirational role of string theory, and my own part in this story.

Refreshments will be served in CP 179 at 3:15 PM