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Physics and Astronomy

Physics & Astronomy Colloquium

3:30 PM, Friday, March 5, 2010
Room 153, Chem-Phys Building

Dr. Mark C. Kruse
Department of Physics
Duke University

"Particle Physics at the Energy Frontier: Status and prospects for discovery at the Large Hadron Collider''

After a lengthy shutdown the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) started to produce much anticipated proton-proton collisions in late 2009. These collisions are at a much lower energy (2.4 TeV) than the original design center-of-mass energy of 14 TeV, but it is hoped that the LHC will be able to achieve 7 TeV collisions in 2010 and collect a significant amount of data at this energy in the next year or so. Here I will review the status of the ATLAS experiment at the LHC, one of the four main detectors built to record the LHC proton-proton collisions. Much has been learned in the last couple of months from the first collisions, which will provide an important foundation for future physics prospects. I will review these prospects and the sensitivity for discovering several new physics possibilities.

Refreshments will be served in CP 179 at 3:15 PM