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Physics and Astronomy

Department Colloquia Fall 2014

Chem-Phys 155
Fridays 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Refreshments are served in Chem-Phys 179 at 3:15 PM

Colloquia distinguished by a shift in time or place are indicated by an *. Please see the accompanying links for details.

Some links may not be active until the week of the talk.

August 29th
Dr. Joseph P. Straley
University of Kentucky
Explaining the global warming theory

September 5th
Dr. Heidi Newberg
Your textbook is still wrong about the Milky Way galaxy
Faculty Host: Ron Wilhelm

September 12
No Colloquium


September 19th
Dr. Satya Majumdar
CNRS Paris
Top Eigenvalue of a Random Matrix: A tale of tails
Faculty Host: Sumit Das

September 26th
Dr. Fred Sarazin
Colorado School of Mines
Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays: Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
Faculty Host: Steve Yates

October 3rd
Dr. Stephen Parke
Unravelling the Mysteries of Neutrinos
Faculty Host: Bing-An Li

October 10th
No Colloquium, Keith MacAdam Induction to UKY Hall of Fame


October 17th
Dr. Tyler Glembo
The American Physical Society
Science Policy in America
Faculty Host: Sumit Das

October 24th
Dr. Jennifer Francis
Rutgers University
Rapid Arctic warming and extreme weather events in mid-latitudes: Are they connected?
Faculty Host: Joe Straley

October 31th
Dr. Bertrand Halperin
Harvard University
Defects with Character: Majorana Local Modes in Condensed-Matter Systems
Faculty Host: Ribhu Kaul

November 7th
Dr. Stefan Schlamminger
Measurement of the Planck Constant and the Revision of the SI
Faculty Host: Susan Gardner

November 10th
Dr. Elizabeth McGrath
Colby College
The Life and Death of Massive Galaxies
Faculty Host: Al Shapere

November 14th
Dr. Harsh Mathur
Case Western Reserve University
The Universe as a detector: What can we learn about fundamental physics from cosmology?
Faculty Host: Ganpathy Murthy

November 21st
Dr. Michael Eides
University of Kentucky
Muonium, Positronium, Proton Radius, and all that
Faculty Host: Renee Fatemi

November 28th
Thanksgiving: No Colloquium


December 5th
Dr. Fabienne Bastier
Pennsylvania State University

Faculty Host: Renbin Yan

December 12th
Dr. Ganpathy Murthy
University of Kentucky
Topological Insulators 101
Faculty Host: Ribhu Kaul


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