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Physics and Astronomy

Department Colloquia Spring 2009

Chem-Phys 155
Fridays 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Refreshments are served in Chem-Phys 155 at 3:15 PM

Colloquia distinguished by a shift in time or place are indicated by an *. Please see the accompanying links for details.

Some links may not be active until the week of the talk.

January 30
Faculty Host:

February 6*
Joint with Chemistry
Note Room Change, CP137, 3:30pm
Dr. Robert Cava
Department of Chemistry
Princeton University
Insulator to Correlated-Metal Transition in doped VO2
Faculty Host: Gang Cao

Refreshments will be served in CP139 at 3:15pm

February 13

February 20
Dr. Al Shapere
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Kentucky
Can String Theory Predict the Standard Model?

February 27
Dr. David Tucker-Smith
Department of Physics
Williams College
Inelastic Dark Matter in light of DAMA/LIBRA

March 6*Public Lecture
Dr. David Axon
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Rochester Institute of Technology
Probing the Sub-parsec Structure of Active Galactic Nuclei with Spectropolarimetry
Faculty Host: Moshe Elitzur

March 13

March 20
Academic Recess -- Spring Break
No Colloquium

March 25* Special Colloquium
Dr. Stephen Wilson
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
The nature of the magnetic and structural phase transitions in BaFe2As2
Faculty Host: Lance Delong

March 27
Dr. Frithjof Karsch
Lattice Gauge Theory Group
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Lattice Gauge Theory and Heavy Ion Collisions

April 3* Dr. Klaus Bartschat
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Drake University
Few-cycle Intense Laser Interactions with Complex Atoms
Faculty Host: Nick Martin

April 10
Dr. Sandeep Trivedi
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Accelerating Universes and the Emerging Landscape of String Theory
Faculty Host: Sumit Das

April 17
Dr. Frank Wilczek
Center for Theoretical Physics
Majorana Fermions: From Romance to Reality
Faculty Host: Al Shapere

April 24
Dr. Jeremy Darling
Department of Astrophysics
University of Colorado
Cosmic Evolution of Physical Constants: Precision Astronomical Measurements and the Search for High Redshift Molecules
Faculty Host: Moshe Elitzur

May 1
Dr. Michael Kohl
Department of Physics
Hampton University
Elastic Nucleon Form Factors: Still a Developing Story
Faculty Host: Renee Fatemi


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