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Physics and Astronomy

Department Colloquia Spring 2015

Chem-Phys 155
Fridays 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Refreshments are served in Chem-Phys 179 at 3:15 PM

Colloquia distinguished by a shift in time or place are indicated by an *. Please see the accompanying links for details.

Some links may not be active until the week of the talk.

January 16
No Colloquium


January 23
Dr. Bartek Czech
Stanford University
Space is Compression
Faculty Host: Al Shapere

January 30
Dr. Apparao Rao
Clemson University
Graphene Coating-enabled Surface Plasmon Coupled Emission and Optical Diode Action
Faculty Host: Joe Brill

February 4, Special Colloquium
Dr. Kristan Jensen
State University of New York, Stony Brook
Hydrodynamics, Strings and Anomalies
Faculty Host: Al Shapere

February 6
Dr. Andreas Kronfeld
Quantum Chromodynamics and the Origin of Mass
Faculty Host: Susan Gardner

February 13
Dr. Brad Plaster
University of Kentucky
The Neutron as a Laboratory for Fundamental Physics
Faculty Host: Renee Fatemi

February 20
Dr. Chris Crawford
University of Kentucky
The Rainbow, the Rowland Circle, and other Geometric Adventures in Flat Space
Faculty Host: Renee Fatemi

February 26
Dr. Ingrid Daubechies
Duke University
Special Thursday Van Winter Lecture
The Master's Hand: Can image analysis detect the hand of the master?
Faculty Host: Peter Perry

March 6
Dr. Anatoly Dymarsky
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Many facets of strongly coupled QFT: from QCD to Cosmology
Faculty Host: Al Shapere

March 13

Faculty Host: Al Shapere

March 20
No Colloquium (Spring Break)


March 27
Dr. Shinsei Ryu
University of Illinois, Urbana
Topological crystalline insulators and superconductors; free fermion classification and beyond
Faculty Host: Ganpathy Murthy

April 2
Dr. Matthew Bershady
University of Wisconsin
Special Thursday Colloquium at 4pm
The Structure and Evolution of Milky Way-Like Galaxies
Faculty Host: Renbin Yan

April 10
Dr. Bruno deHarak
Illinois Wesleyan University
Some photons, an electron, and an atom
Faculty Host: Nick Martin

April 17
Dr. Kun Yang
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University
Bulk Thermoelectric and Thermodynamic Probes of non-Abelian Anyons in Topological States of Matter
Faculty Host: Ganpathy Murthy

April 24
Dr. Doug Natelson
Rice University
Heating in atomic- and molecular-scale junctions
Faculty Host: Doug Strachan


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