Condensed Matter and CAM Seminars

Our condensed matter seminars are held on Tuesdays at 3:30pm in CP-179, unless otherwise noted below. Please contact the organizers if you would like to meet with a visitor. The CM and CAM seminar series are organized by Ambrose Seo.

Schedule for Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Sept 9 Friday [Physics Colloquium] Ambrose Seo (Univ. of Kentucky). 
"Tuning the Dimensionality of Strongly-Correlated Materials: How Kentucky Inspired Me"

Sept 13 Peter Kekenes-Huskey (Univ. of Kentucky). Host: Strachan
"Understanding the chemistry of calcium signaling through computation"

Sept 23 Friday [Physics Colloquium] Chang-Beom Eom (Univ. of Wisconsin). Host: Seo
"Oxide Electronics"

Oct 4 Julia Wildeboer (Univ. of Kentucky). Host: Kaul
"Entanglement Entropy and Topological Order in Resonating Valence-Bond Quantum Spin Liquids"

Oct 24 Monday Saion Shinha (Univ. of New Haven). Host: Ng
"Bionanotechnology –  Application of Carbon Nanotubes in Biology"

Nov 4 Friday [CP-171] 2:00pm Tae-Hwan Kim (Pohang Univ. of Science and Technlogy). Host: Seo

Feb 28 Honore Djieutedjeu (Univ. of Kentucky). Host: Guiton
"Artificial Solids by Design: Harnessing Electronic and Magnetic Properties in Complex Inorganic Solid/Hybrid Materials"

Apr 11 John Nichols (Oak Ridge Nat'l Lab.). Host: Seo
"Emerging magnetic and electronic properties in 3d-5d oxide heterostructures"

Apr 18 Alex Seidel (Washington Univ. in St. Louis). Host: Kaul
"RVB physics on the kagome lattice from exactly solvable spin-1/2 Hamiltonians"

Apr 25 [CP-111] Saehwan Chun (Univ. of Toronto). Host: Seo
"Magnetic excitations in honeycomb and pyrochlore iridates with strong spin-orbit coupling and electron correlation"

Seminar schedules from past semesters are archived here
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