Condensed Matter and CAM Seminars

Our condensed matter seminars are held on Tuesdays at 3:30pm in CP-179, unless otherwise noted below. Please contact the organizers if you would like to meet with a visitor. The CM and CAM seminar series are organized by Doug Strachan and Joe Straley (Spring 2018).

Schedule for Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Nov. 14 Chris Richards (Department of Chemistry, UK). Host: Strachan

Dec. 5 Marcelo I. Guzman (Department of Chemistry, UK). Host: Strachan
Probing Interfacial Chemistry: Heterogeneous Oxidations in the Environment

January 16 Joseph Straley (UK).
" Wakes and waves on lakes and on the Fermi sea "

I will describe how the wave pattern behind a moving ship arises from the solutions to the wave equation, and the applications to arbitrary dispersion relations.

Jan 23 Julia Wildeboer (Dept. Physics, U. Kentucky). Host: Straley
" Something or other "

Abstract: Not very

Jan 30 Julia Bursten (Dept. Philosophy, U. Kentucky). Host: Straley
"Surfaces, Scales, and Synthesis: Scientific Reasoning at the Nanoscale "

I examine the theories, models, reasoning strategies, and other conceptual tools that nanoscientists use to accomplish their goals, and how these conceptual tools can in turn reveal new information about the character of scientific knowledge.

February 6 John Connell (UK). Host: Seo

February 13 Luiz Henrique Santos (U. Illinois). Host: Kaul
"Title "

February 20 Maryam Souri (UK). Host: Seo

February 27 March Meeting Previews (UK). Host: Straley
Save airplane fare to Los Angeles! The very best of the talks will be presented right here!

  • Amartya Saha
  • Ankur Das
  • Maryam Shahi

March 6
No seminar

March 20 Rick Honaker (UK Mining Engineering). Host: Straley

April 10 Yang-Tse Cheng (UK). Host: Straley

Seminar schedules from past semesters are archived here

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