Condensed Matter Seminars

Our condensed matter seminars are held on Tuesdays at 3:30pm in Blazer 339, unless otherwise noted below. A number of the department colloquium may also be of interest.

Schedule for Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Sep 4 Joe Straley (Physics & Astronomy, UK). Host: Kaul
"The Bethe Ansatz for Solving One-Dimensional Quantum Many Body Problems"

Sep 11 Ganpathy Murthy (Physics & Astronomy, UK). Host: Kaul
"Phases and Phase Transitions in 1-Dimensional Spin Chains"

Sep 18 Barry Farmer (Physics & Astronomy, UK). Host: Straley
"Direct Observation of Magnetic Long-range Order in Ammann-Beenker Artificial Quasicrystals"

Special Seminar at 6pm BL 339
Sep 24 Franz Utermohlen (Ohio State U). Host: Kaul
" Magnetic Anisotropy of the 2D Honeycomb Ferromagnet CrI3"

Sep 25 Nandini Trivedi (Ohio State U). Host: Kaul
"Quantum Orbital Kitaev Liquids: Signatures of Fractionalization"

Oct 2 Ankur Das (University of Kentucky). Host: Kaul
"Graphene in a Magnetic Field"

Oct 16 Carlos Bolech (University of Cincinnati). Host: Kaul
"Matrix Products and One-dimensional Field Theories"

Oct 23 Gleb Finkelstein (Duke U). Host: Strachan & Kaul
"Supercurrent in the quantum Hall regime"

Oct 30 Amartya Saha (Kentucky). Host: Murthy
"Collective excitations in a 2D electron gas at nu=2"

Special Seminar: 12pm, BL339
Nov 8 Luiz Santos (Emory U). Host: Murthy
"Pair-Density-Wave Order and Paired Fractional Quantum Hall Fluids"

Nov 13 Martin Mourigal (Georgia Tech). Host: Kaul
"Anomalous spin dynamics in triangular quantum magnets."

Jan 15 Umesh Kumar (UT Knoxville). Host: Seo
"Study of one-dimensional antiferromagnetic chains using resonant inelastic x-ray scattering"

Jan 29 Ekaterina Paerschke (University of Alabama). Host: Seo
"Magnetic excitations in quasi-2D iridates under strain and high pressure"

Feb 28 (Thursday 3:30pm) Jon Demidio (EPFL- Lausanne). Host: Kaul
"Entanglement Entropy from Nonequilibrium Work"

Mar 26 Jian Liu (UT Knoxville). Host: Seo
"Controllable emergent 2D quantum antiferromagnetism in iridate-based heterostructures"

(Wednesday 1:30pm) CP-179 Mar 27 T. Senthil (MIT). Host: Kaul/Murthy
"Correlated states in graphene moire superlattices"

(Thursday 1:00pm) Mar 28 T. Senthil (MIT). Host: Kaul/Murthy
"Topology, quantum criticality, and duality"

(Friday 12:00pm) Mar 29 Jason Alicea (Caltech). Host: Kaul/Murthy
"Electrical probes of the non-Abelian spin liquid in alpha-RuCl_3"


Sep 6 Cecile Repellin (CNRS). Host: Kaul

Sep 10 Sungkyun Choi (Rutgers). Host: Seo

Sep 17 Johannes Pollanen (Michigan State University). Host: Gannon

Oct 8 Woo Seok Choi (Sungkyunkwan University). Host: Seo

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