Nuclear Physics Seminars

The nuclear physics seminars are presented Thursdays at 2:00pm in CP 179, unless otherwise noted below. Some of the Department Colloquia may also be of interest.

Schedule for Fall 2019

Aug. 29, Thursday Nuclear seminar organizational meeting

Sep. 12, Thursday, Dr. Jeff Berryman (University of Kentucky)
"Confronting Anomalies at Reactor Antineutrino Experiments"
(Host: S. Gardner) (joint HEP/NP seminar)

Sep. 26, Thursday, Dr. Christopher Swank (Caltech)
"Particle Physics with Ultracold Neutrons"
(Host: C. Crawford)

Oct. 3, Thursday, Mark Broering (University of Kentucky)
"Cell Charging Effect in the SNS-nEDM Experiment"
(Host: W. Korsch)

Oct. 4, Friday, Dr. Phiala Shanahan (MIT)
"The gluonic structure of hadrons and nuclei"
(Host: K.-F. Liu) 12:00pm, CP 179 (note special day and time)

Oct. 9, Wednesday, Dr. Zheng-Mao Sheng (Zhejiang University)
"Thermal Nuclear Fusion"
(Host: K.-F. Liu) 12:00pm, CP 179 (note special day and time)

Oct. 17, Thursday, DNP Meeting (no seminar)

Oct. 24, Thursday, Alina Aleksandrova (University of Kentucky)
"Magnetic Field Monitoring in the SNS Neutron EDM Experiment"
(Host: B. Plaster)

Oct. 31, Thursday, Dr. Michael Eides (University of Kentucky)
"Hyperfine Splitting in Muonium: Theory meets J-PARC Experiment"
(Host: W. Korsch) (joint HEP/NP seminar)

Nov. 7, Thursday, Dr. Joe Osborn (ORNL)
"Hadronization and jet substructure at RHIC and the LHC"
(Host: R. Fatemi)

Nov. 14, Thursday, Dr. Robert Bernstein (FNAL)
(Host: R. Hill)

Nov. 21, Thursday, Dr. Sasha Tomalak (FNAL, University of Kentucky)
(Host: R. Hill)

Nov. 28, Thursday, Thanksgiving Holiday (no seminar)

Dec. 5, Thursday, Jackson Dowie (Australian National University in Canberra)
(Host: S. Yates)

Dec. 12, Thursday, Dr. Yue Zhang (Carleton University, Ottawa)
(Host: S. Gardner)

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