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Phy 556 - Spring 2018


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Physics 556

Fundamental Particle Physics

University of Kentucky

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Spring 2018

Welcome to the Phy 556 web page....

A lecture and problem course providing an overview of modern particle physics.

Introduction to elementary particle physics. Topics include: particle interactions and families, the quark model, symmetrics and conservation laws, particle reactions and decays, quark dynamics, and elements of quantumchrodynamics and electroweak interactions (excerpted from the A & S course page).

Prereq or equivalent: Phy 520

For the detailed content of Phy 556 this semester, pls. see the syllabus.

Lecturer: Prof. Susan Gardner
Office: Chem-Phys 361
Telephone: 257 - 4391
E-mail: gardner "@"
Office Hours: T, R 4-6 PM and by appointment.

Required textbook:
D. Griffiths, Introduction to Elementary Particles, 2nd, Revised Ed. (2010).

Recommended textbook:
T. W. Donnelly, J. A. Formaggio, B. R. Holstein, R. G. Milner, and B. Surrow
Foundations of Nuclear and Particle Physics (2017).

Recommended textbook:
M. Thomson, Modern Particle Physics (2013).

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