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Nuclear Physics Seminars

University of Kentucky

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Fall 2017

Chem-Phys 179
Thursdays, starting at 2:00PM

Additional events of related interest are indicated by o

oAugust 31
Organizational Meeting

oSeptember 7
Dr. Mark McCrea (University of Manitoba)
Investigating the Hadronic Weak Interaction with the NPDGamma and n3He Experiments

oSeptember 16
PIKIO Meeting
(No Seminar Sept. 14)

oSeptember 21

oSeptember 28

oOctober 4

oOctober 12
Dr. Peng Zang (Syracuse University)
The Qweak Experiment - Direct Measurement of the Weak Charge of the Proton

oOctober 16 [Theory Seminar]
Dr. Xinshuai Yan (University of Kentucky)
[Host: Susan Gardner]

oOctober 19
Dr. Shannon Hoogerheide (Neutron Physics Group, NIST)
Neutron lifetime with a cold neutron beam at NIST
[Host: Susan Gardner]

oOctober 26
DNP Meeting
No Seminar

oNovember 2
Leendert Hayen (KU Leuven)
Taming the nuclear beta decay Hydra: One theoretical head at a time
[Host: Chris Crawford]

oNovember 9
Dr. Wolfgang Altmannshofer (University of Cincinnati)
Lepton Flavor Universality Violation in Rare B Decays
[Host: Susan Gardner]

oNovember 16
Aaron Sprow (University of Kentucky)
A Detection System for Precision Beta Decay Studies
[Host: Chris Crawford]

oNovember 23
Thanksgiving Break
No Seminar

oNovember 30

oDecember 7
Dr. Graham White (Theory Group, TRIUMF)
Color breaking baryogenesis: a testable new paradigm to generate the baryon asymmetry of the Universe
[Host: Susan Gardner]

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