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1 /* This file is part of Cloudy and is copyright (C)1978-2017 by Gary J. Ferland and
2  * others. For conditions of distribution and use see copyright notice in license.txt */
4 #ifndef HYPHO_H_
5 #define HYPHO_H_
17 void hypho(double zed,
18  long int n,
19  long int lmin,
20  long int lmax,
21  double en,
22  long int ncell,
23  realnum anu[],
24  realnum bfnu[]);
26 #endif /* HYPHO_H_ */
float realnum
Definition: cddefines.h:124
void hypho(double zed, long int n, long int lmin, long int lmax, double en, long int ncell, realnum anu[], realnum bfnu[])
Definition: hypho.cpp:42