Nuclear Seminars
Spring 2019

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Chem-Phys 179
Thursdays at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


o Thursday, Jan 10

Dr. Robert Pattie, East Tennessee State University

"The UCNtau experiment: An asymmetric magneto-gravitation trap to measure the neutron lifetime"

Host: Brad Plaster

o Friday, Jan 11*

Dr. Rob Pisarski, Brookhaven National Laboratory

"Lifshitz regime in the phase diagram of QCD"
Note special time / date / place - Friday, 1pm, Blazer seminar room

Host: Ivan Horvath

o Thursday, Jan 17

Nuclear seminar organizational meeting

o Thursday, Jan 24



o Thursday, Jan 31



o Thursday, Feb 7



o Thursday, Feb 14



o Thursday, Feb 21


o Thursday, Feb 28

"Dr. Jian Liang, Univ. of Kentucky"

"Hadronic tensor and neutrino-nucleon scattering"

Host: Keh-Fei Liu

o Thursday, March 7

"Dr. Ran Hong, Argonne National Lab"

"Precision magnetic field measurements for the muon g-2 experiment"

Host: Tim Gorringe

o Thursday, March 14

o Thursday, March 21

Dr. Zach Meisel, Ohio University

"Nuclear astrophysics"

Host:Erin Peters

o Thursday, March 28

"Dr. Mark McCrea, UKy"

Host: Chris Crawford

o Thursday, April 4

"Dr. Ryan MaClellan, Univ. of South Dakota"

Host: Tim Gorringe

o Thursday, April 11

"Dr. Chris Prokop, LANSCE facility, Los Alamos"

Host: Erin Peters

o Thursday, April 18

Thomas Jarvis, Eastern Kentucky University



o Thursday, April 25

Anselm Vossen, Duke University


Host: Renee Fatemi

Please send suggestions for future speakers, as well as corrections or additions to above schedule, to Tim Gorringe.