Nuclear Seminars
Fall 2018

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Chem-Phys 179
Thursdays at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


o Sept. 6

Dr. Bipasha Chakraborty, Jefferson Laboratory

"Lattice QCD calculation of the hadronic vacuum polarisation contribution to muon g-2"

Host: Keh-Fei Liu

o Sept. 13

Nuclear seminar organizational meeting

o Sept. 20

o Sept. 27

o Oct. 4

o Oct. 11

Xueying Huyan, Michigan State University


Host: Chris Crawford

o Oct. 19

o Oct. 25

o Nov. 1

o Nov. 8

o Nov. 15

o Nov. 22

Thanksgiving Holiday

o Nov. 29

o Dec. 6

o Dec. 13

Please send suggestions for future speakers, as well as corrections or additions to above schedule, to Tim Gorringe.