Astro Seminar Schedule

Fall 2017, Thursdays 4pm, CP 179


    September 7                Dennis Zaritsky (University of Arizona)

                                           Surprises in the Low Surface Brightness Universe

    September 14              Talk Postponed

    September 21              

    September 28              

    October 5                    John Wise

                                           The First Stars and Galaxies in the Universe


    October 12                   

    October 19                  Ann Zabludoff (University of Arizona)

                                           A Post-Mortem on Post-Starburst Galaxies


    October 26                      

    November 2                   

    November 9                 

    November 16               Yue Shen (Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

                                             The final parsec: time-domain exploration of the inner structures of quasars        


    November 23               Happy Thanksgiving

    November 30               

    December 7                 Dhananjay Ravat and Dany Waller

                                            Towards Deciphering the Science and Mysteries of Lunar Swirls