I am a professor of physics at the University of Kentucky. My primary interest is in the theory of quantum mechanics and its consequences to systems of many particles, specifically in the context of materials science. For more information on my group, including both technical and non-technical accounts of our research, follow the links on the left.

awards: U.S. National Science Foundation's CAREER award (2011-2016); Oak Ridge National Lab's Ralph Powe Junior Faculty Award (2012).
CV: A PDF copy of my curriculum vitae
publications: A complete list of preprints on the arXiv

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email: firstname.lastname@uky.edu
office: CP 383
mailing address:
Chemistry-Physics Bldg.,
503 Rose Street,
University of Kentucky,
Lexington, KY 40506-0055.
phone: (859) 257-1697
fax: (859) 383-2846