We are constantly looking for talented people to join our team. We all love physics immensely, work very hard at it and expect the same from our collaborators.

postdoctoral scholars

We often have openings for postdoctoral researchers in our group. If you are interested in joining our group as a postdoctoral researcher, please contact me directly. Important: You must have or soon be expecting a PhD in condensed matter theory to be considered for a postdoc position.

graduate students

If you are not a current physics graduate student at the University of Kentucky, you will first need to go through the standard admission process. Once you have been admitted to grad school at UK, you can contact me to discuss openings in our group.
If you are already at UK, please stop by my office to speak with me about my research. Also feel free to talk to other members of the group about their experiences. We often do have openings for graduate students but the bar is high. A strong background in quantum physics and statistical mechanics is required.

undergraduate students

I enjoy working with undergraduate students. Please contact me directly if you are at UK. I have taken on non-UK students too in the past. Again the bar is high.