Cosmic Lunches

The UK SPS hosts an informal lecture series in the SPS room (CP352) in which professors come to give talks on various subjects in physics. Lunch is provided by the UK Physics Department.

  • Friday 31 August: Playing with Nano-Toys with Dr. Douglas Strachan
  • Friday 28 September: Quark Transverse Spin Distributions in the Proton with Dr. Renee Fatemi
  • Friday 12 October: Electron-electron Coincidence Experiments with Dr. NLS Martin
  • Friday 9 November: The Hunt for Particle Dark Matter with Dr. Susan Gardner
  • Friday 15 February: Active Galactic Nuclei with Dr. Dale Kocevski
Group Trips

Recently the UK SPS has taken a few trips to national labs in our area. In the Spring of 2010 we visited Oak Ridge, Tenessee and in the Fall we visited Jefferson National Labs (pictured above) and the NRAO. In the Fall of 2011 we visted Fermilab in Chicago (pictured below). On Friday, November 2nd of the Fall of 2012 we again visted Oak Ridge. Contact an SPS officer for more details on upcoming trips.

Open Lab Days

Occasionally the SPS will host an open lab day for physics students from around the area to show students what facilities are available at UK and promote a sense of community between physics students in the region. To see details about our previous lab day click here.