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--------------------- MuLan-2007 ----------------------

Personnel schedule for the MuLan Summer-2007 run
Collaboration meeting 27-28 April-2007
->*Talks given at the collaboration meeting
PSI 590 MeV Accelerator schedule: local copy, at PSI in PDF format
μSR schedle: local (pdf), at PSI (html)
*Contact phone numbers at PSI; Information for travelers.


* Setup Overview
* Data Overview
* DAQ Options
* DAQ Tasks
* MIDAS for µLan
* VME-to-PCI Interfaces
* VME Embedded Processors
* Timing Tests

Summer 02 Documents

*Data Taking Instructions
*DAQ Crash Recovery
*Archiving µLan Data

Fall 03 Documents

*µLan Data Acquisition
* Setup
* Rates
* Timing
*Running the Acquisition
* Quick Start
* Status Page
* Programs Page
* ODB Pages
*MIDAS DAQ Components
*MB Frontend
*WFD Frontend
*Network Server
*Event Builder
*Data Logger
*Data Analyzer
*Useful Utilities
µLan Thesis
*Santosh's Thesis


*CAEN User Manual
*SIS1100/3100 Manual
*Multihit TDC Manual
*WFD Manual I
*WFD Manual II
*WFD Pulse Fitting
*µLan User Manual
*µQL:Muon Query Language


*Boston University
*University of Illinois
*James Madison University

Useful Links

*MIDAS Homepage
*ROOT Homepage