Quick Start

To start the acquisition from scratch first login as mulan on mulanbe.psi.ch. From the command prompt start the Midas network server by typing "mserver", start the Midas web server by typing "mhttpd -p 8081 -D", and start the Midas data logger by typing "mlogger -e mulan -D".

The easiest way of running the acquisition is from the Midas web interface. The experiment interface is located at http://mulanbe.psi.ch and the experiment name is "mulan".

On the Midas status page click the program button. This page has entries for each frontend process and various other processes. Start the WFD frontend process, CAEN frontend process, and event builder process by clicking their start buttons. Now return to the status page.

The run is started and stopped by clicking the start/stop button on the top left. On starting the run the event rate and data rate for the frontend processes, event builder and data logger are reported on the status page. For further information on frontend performance type "screen -r mhtdc" to see the CAEN frontend process and "screen -r wfd01" to see the WFD frontend process. To terminate these screens type Ctrl AD.

The DAQ is located in the sub-directory muLan of the mulan account where