Programs Page

To start or stop a frontend process (or other process) then click on the programs button of the status page. This provides a menu that lists the various processes and a button for either starting a halted process or stopping a running process.

Clicking a link in the programs table gives the ODB entry for the selected process, e.g. the sub-directory Programs/fewfd01 for the WFD01 frontend process. The directory contains the start command that's issued to run the program. For fewfd01 it reads

screen -d -m -S wfd01 ssh -l root fe03 -t /home/mulan/muLan/WFDOLD/fewfd -h be01

which runs the executable fewfd in the /home/mulan/muLan/WFDOLD directory on the frontend machine fe01. The routine is run as root via the screen utility.