Screen is a window manager that multiplexes a single physical terminal to various virtual terminals. In µLan DAQ the screen utility is used for displaying information from frontend processes. Type "screen -ls" on the backend for a list of virtual terminals. Type "screen -r mhtdc" on the backend to display a virtual console (CTRL AD exits the virtual console).


mdump is a Midas utility for printing the contents of data files. For example by typing

mdump -x run00099.mid -f x | less

one obtains a hexadecimal listing of the contents of the data banks in the data file run00099.mid (its normally convenient to pipe the contents to less for easy reading).

sis1100 reload

The reading and writing to VME memory uses a kernel module sis1100.o. The script 'fix-femhtdc" in the MhtdcOLD sub-directory and the script "fix-fewfd" in the WFDOLD subdirectory first unload then reload the sis1100 module.