SBS VME-to-PCI adaptor modules 618, 620. Supports DMA transfer with 32-bit data widths (up to 35 MB/s in the specs). Linux driver available and free. Model 620 $3311 and Model 618 $3775 (the latter includes some fancy diagnostic circuitry). SBS Technologies, Inc

Wiener VME-to-PCI interface module VMEMM/PCIADA. Supports 32-bit data words but not DMA transfer (3-5 MB/s from Andreas Ruben). Linux driver available. Too slow for µLan. Wiener

National Instruments VME-to-PCI interface kit VXI-PCI8026. Supports DMA transfer (up to 22 MB/s in the specs). Linux driver available. Cost $5495! National Instruments

Struck VME-to-PCI interface module SIS1100/3100. Will support 32-bit data words and DMA transfer. Base configuration, SIS1100 and SIS3100 with 15 feet of fibre, is USD 3500 (with linux drivers and source code). Expect shipping at end of Sept. Struck

Klaus Schossmaier at CERN has evaluated the National Instruments, Wiener, and SBS Technologies VME-to-PCI adaptors. Check-out his write-up and talk. He used a single VME crate, VME-to-PCI adaptor, and 400MHz Pentium II running Redhat Linux 6.1. Within a factor of two the block transfer rates (12 and 9 MB/s) and DMA rates (15 and 26 MB/s) are similar for the National Instruments and SBS modules.