Motorola mvme2306 Versus Intel Pentium III

The table lists the frontend processing times for 105 events (upper limit of frontend rate per VME crate). Times are given for three components of the frontend, the WFD decoding, the search for single pulse events, and the fitting of single pulse events. No attempt to optimize the timing was made. The mvme2306 has a MOC604 300 MHz CPU and 32MB of RAM and the PentiumIII has a 500 MHz CPU and 256MB of RAM.

Function mvme2306 PentiumIII
Decoding data 0.30 sec 0.20 sec
Peak seeking 0.80 sec 0.34 sec
Peak fitting 1.07 sec 0.54 sec

Multiple Frontends and the MIDAS Buffer Manager

The table lists the data trasfer rate for "n" frontends serving the MIDAS buffer manager. The test was done on a 500MHz Pentium III.

Frontends MB/sec per FE
1 12.6
2 6.1
3 3.8
4 2.9
5 2.1
6 1.7