Discussion of the section on change of phase
Here are some things to do to finish this section. Discuss these questions with the people in your group:
  1. Under what conditions would you expect to encounter fog? Give both some examples and a general description of the necessary circumstances in terms of what you have learned in this unit.
  2. Dry clothes keep you warm much more effectively than wet clothes do, and when we get too hot, we sweat. Compare and contrast the properties of you, clothes, air, and water that contribute significantly to this difference between wet and dry clothes, and wet and dry people.
  3. Early one sunny spring morning Carol walked outside in the grass and got her shoes wet because dew had collected on the grass. A few days later however, she walked outside at the same time and her shoes stayed dry -- there was no dew on the grass that morning. Explain some environmental factors that led to these two different occurrences.
Please send us your discussions of two of these questions -- the one you are most sure about and the one you are least sure about (and tell us which is which!). Don't forget to tell us who is in the group.
If there is something that you don't understand about change of phase, Ask us!

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