Strachan Group

Our work on the surface potential of few-layer graphene films is featured as the recent cover article of the January 2009 issue of Nano Letters.

Using electrostatic force microscopy we probe the charge screening features of few-layer graphene films.

The work was performed in collaboration with S. S. Datta, E. J. Mele , and A. T. Johnson.

Crystallographic etching of few-layer graphene which we recently reported in Nano Letters was highlighted by Nature Nanotechnology.

By utilizing metallic nanoparticles, we are able to etch few-layer graphene samples along specific crystallographic directions.

This work was performed in collaboration with S. S. Datta, S. M. Khamis , and A. T. Johnson.

Strachan Group Facilities

We have a number of facilities in our lab, some of which are listed below. We also have access to UK general user facilities in the Center for Advanced Materials (CAM), Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CeNSE), and the Electron Microscopy Center.

Atomic Force Microscope

Our Asylum Research AFM which we use for various scanning probe measurements.

Low Temperature Probe Station

Our Lakeshore liquid helium probe station with magnet.

Room Temperature Probe Station

Our home-built room temperature system with customized electronics allows for flexible and easy measurement of samples.

Electron Beam Evaporator

We have a 4-pocket electron beam evaporator with double-axis tilt liquid-nitrogen cooled holder. The system is shared with Prof Lance DeLong.

Chemical Vapor Deposition System

Our chemical vapor deposition system.

Optical Microscopy

We have an Olympus microscope with camera and computer interface. The system is shared with Prof Kwok-Wai Ng.