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The author kindly thanks the following people (in alphabetical order) who contributed to this list by providing data and/or helpful insights:

K.M. Aggarwal,
M.A. Bautista,
C.F. Fischer (MCHF/MCDHF database),
R. Kisielius,
R.L. Kurucz (Kurucz web site),
S.N. Nahar (NORAD-Atomic-Data),
M.J. Seaton,
T. Sochi,
D.A. Verner.

The image in the masthead of the webpages is part of a Hubble Space Telescope image of the Lagoon nebula which is distributed by NASA and the STScI. This is a molecular cloud that is actively forming stars and has given birth to a massive star that is ionizing part of the cloud. The emission line spectrum emitted by the ionized gas is creating the colorful display that we are seeing. More information can be found on Wikipedia. The image is licensed under this copyright.

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