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Atomic Line List v3.00b4 – Levels

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This is a beta version of the next release of the Atomic Line List. It has not been been fully tested and is likely to be modified without prior notice. It is being offered for testing purposes. Please report any problems with the content or the interface.

This form allows you to get an overview of all the levels in a given spectrum. It provides various fields to restrict the levels you want to be reported in the output, as well as options for sorting the output. The output is more complete than the information you get from the lines form as it also contains incomplete and invalid levels that were not used to construct the line list, as well as information on ionization limits.

The current development of the atomic line list is described in van Hoof, P.A.M., 2018, Galaxies, 6, 63. Please cite this paper when you use any data from this list.

Selection Criteria

Except for the spectrum, all fields in the request form have default values and may be left unspecified

(e.g. C II; query is not case sensitive)
Level energy range:   Unit:

Auto-ionizing levels:  Suppress  Show


Customize Output

Output format (Check each item you want included in the output):
Angular momentum: as J as g combine with term
Uncertainty in the level energies
Energy ordered
Term ordered
Configuration ordered
J-value ordered
Odd and even parity states: Mixed Separate Only odd Only even
Invert energy order
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Use fixed width columns

Version 3.00b4 of the line list was created: Jul 21, 2021.

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The Atomic Line List is licensed under CC BY 4.0