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Version 3.00

The atomic line list has undergone extensive development since the last release. The software generating the line list, as well as the program doing the line selection for the web page have been replaced by 13,000 lines of new C++ code. All this work was necessary to restructure the internal data files and facilitate future upgrades of the line list. The primary goal will be to make the list complete for all elements, as far as data are available. This release starts this process by making the list complete for all 4th row elements. Future releases will start adding 5th, 6th, and 7th row elements. The second goal is to add more transition probability data from additional sources. Finally, an effort will be made to include observed wavelengths, especially for forbidden transitions. These are the most important user-visible changes that are implemented in this version:

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The Atomic Line List is licensed under CC BY 4.0