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The first year of the electronic edition of The Astrophysical Journal Letters (ApJL) is completed. This page (compiled by Dima Verner) provides citation statistics of the electronic ApJL in 1996.

January-December 1996, vol. 456-473

In 1996, ApJL published 552 articles which contained 13,735 references, averaging 24.9 references per article. The lists of references contain 35,478 names of authors of the cited papers (note that the lists of authors in references are truncated at the first author if there are more than eight authors for a paper) including 4677 names of authors of the citing papers. A level of self-citation is 13.2%. Actual level of self-citation may be slightly higher due to some mismatched names (e.g., one first name is given for an author of the citing paper, and two initials are given for the same person in references).

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Self-citation is not excluded. The form is Smith, A. B. Accents are omitted. Each reference gives volume and the first page of a citing paper. This project was an amateur undertaking compiled in my spare time. In 1997, the complete Astrophysical Journal will be available electronically. Although I wrote special software to process the lists of references automatically, it will definitely take more efforts to handle with the full journal. I do not plan to continue this project in 1997. If you think that this service is valuable and should be continued/extended to the complete Astrophysical Journal, and know how this project can be supported, please send me a message. I do plan to continue another "weekend project", Astronomy Acknowledgement Index.
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