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#include "cddefines.h"
#include "phycon.h"
#include "dense.h"
#include "atoms.h"
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double atom_pop3 (double g1, double g2, double g3, double o12, double o13, double o23, double a21, double a31, double a32, double Tex12, double Tex23, realnum *pop2, double abund, double gam2, double r12, double r13)

Function Documentation

double atom_pop3 ( double  g1,
double  g2,
double  g3,
double  o12,
double  o13,
double  o23,
double  a21,
double  a31,
double  a32,
double  Tex12,
double  Tex23,
realnum pop2,
double  abund,
double  gam2,
double  r12,
double  r13 

atom_pop3 return value is population for 3-level atom, cm^-3

g1 statictical weights of level 1
g2 statictical weights of level 2
g3 statictical weights of level 3
o12 collision strengths between three levels
o13 collision strengths between three levels
o23 collision strengths between three levels
a21 transition probabilities between three levels
a31 transition probabilities between three levels
a32 transition probabilities between three levels
Tex12 excitation energy in Kelvin
Tex23 excitation energy in Kelvin
*pop2 returned population of level 2, cm^-3
abund incoming total abundance of ion
gam2 possible photodestruction of level 2, normally 0
r12 excitation rates (s-1) due to "other" processes
r13 excitation rates (s-1) due to "other" processes

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References ASSERT, atoms, t_atoms::c12, t_atoms::c13, t_dense::cdsqte, DEBUG_ENTRY, dense, ex, phycon, SMALLFLOAT, and t_phycon::te.

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