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Data Structures

struct  t_DoppVel


realnum GetDopplerWidth (realnum massAMU)
realnum GetAveVelocity (realnum massAMU)


t_DoppVel DoppVel

Function Documentation

realnum GetAveVelocity ( realnum  massAMU  ) 

GetAveVelocity get the average particle velocity at current conditions for a given mass

Definition at line 530 of file temp_change.cpp.

References ATOMIC_MASS_UNIT, BOLTZMANN, t_radius::depth, t_DoppVel::DispScale, DoppVel, fixit(), Wind::lgBallistic(), Wind::lgStatic(), phycon, PI, POW2, radius, sexp(), t_phycon::te, t_DoppVel::TurbVel, wind, and Wind::windv0.

Referenced by GrainChrgTransferRates(), GrainCollHeating(), GrainElecEmis1(), GrainElecRecomb1(), and mole_h2_grain_form().

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realnum GetDopplerWidth ( realnum  massAMU  ) 

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