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#include "proxy_iterator.h"
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Data Structures

class  EmissionProxy
class  EmissionConstProxy
class  EmissionList


void EmLineJunk (EmissionList::reference t)
void EmLineZero (EmissionList::reference t)
void TauZero (EmissionList::reference t)

Function Documentation

void EmLineJunk ( EmissionList::reference  t  ) 
void EmLineZero ( EmissionList::reference  t  ) 
void TauZero ( EmissionList::reference  t  ) 

TauZero set initial values of inward, outward, and local-to-continuum-source optical depths


Definition at line 73 of file emission.cpp.

References DEBUG_ENTRY, opac, EmissionProxy::TauCon(), EmissionProxy::TauIn(), t_opac::taumin, and EmissionProxy::TauTot().

Referenced by InitDefaultsPreparse(), EmissionList::resize(), and TransitionProxy::Zero().

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