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void GrainDrive (void)
void GrainDrift (void)
void GrainZero (void)
void GrainStartIter (void)
void GrainRestartIter (void)
void SetNChrgStates (long)
void GrainsInit (void)
void GrainMakeDiffuse (void)
void qheat (vector< double > &, vector< double > &, long *, size_t)
void InitEnthalpy (void)
void mie_write_opc (const char *, const char *, long int)
void mie_read_opc (const char *, const GrainPar &)
void gauss_init (long int, double, double, const vector< double > &, const vector< double > &, vector< double > &, vector< double > &)
void gauss_legendre (long int, vector< double > &, vector< double > &)
void find_arr (double, const vector< double > &, long int, long int *, bool *)

Function Documentation

void find_arr ( double  ,
const vector< double > &  ,
long  int,
long int *  ,
bool *   

find index ind such that min(xa[ind],xa[ind+1]) <= x <= max(xa[ind],xa[ind+1]). xa is assumed to be strictly monotically increasing or decreasing. if x is outside the range spanned by xa, lgOutOfBounds is raised and ind is set to -1 n is the number of elements in xa.

[out] *ind 
[out] *lgOutOfBounds 

Definition at line 4557 of file grains_mie.cpp.

References cdEXIT, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, ioQQQ, max(), min(), and sign3().

Referenced by init_eps(), mie_calc_ial(), mie_cs(), size_distr(), and tbl_fun().

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void gauss_init ( long  int,
double  ,
double  ,
const vector< double > &  ,
const vector< double > &  ,
vector< double > &  ,
vector< double > &   

set up Gaussian quadrature for arbitrary interval


Definition at line 4419 of file grains_mie.cpp.

References DEBUG_ENTRY.

Referenced by DebyeDeriv(), and mie_integrate().

void gauss_legendre ( long  int,
vector< double > &  ,
vector< double > &   

set up abscissas and weights for Gauss-Legendre intergration of arbitrary even order


Definition at line 4447 of file grains_mie.cpp.

References cdEXIT, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, ioQQQ, pow2(), and SAFETY.

Referenced by DebyeDeriv(), and mie_integrate().

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void GrainDrift ( void   ) 
void GrainDrive ( void   ) 
void GrainMakeDiffuse ( void   ) 
void GrainRestartIter ( void   ) 

this routine is called by IterRestart()

Definition at line 555 of file grains.cpp.

References GrainVar::bin, DEBUG_ENTRY, gv, GrainVar::lgDustOn(), and GrainVar::lgGrainPhysicsOn.

Referenced by IterRestart().

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void GrainsInit ( void   ) 

startup routine for grains, called before first calculations, but after parsecommands

xray - StickElec depends on Te ???? use elec_esc_length(1.5*kTe,nd) ????

Definition at line 587 of file grains.cpp.

References t_rfield::anu, GrainVar::anumax, GrainVar::anumin, ASSERT, ATOMIC_MASS_UNIT, atoms, GrainVar::AugerData, AEInfo::AvNumber, GrainVar::bin, cdEXIT, t_elementnames::chElementName, chrg2pot(), CHRG_TOLER, t_thermal::ConstGrainTemp, conv, DEBUG_ENTRY, dense, DF_STANDARD, GrainVar::dstab, GrainVar::dstsc, t_conv::EdenErrorAllowed, elec_esc_length(), elementnames, GrainVar::elmSumAbund, AEInfo::Energy, EVRYD, EXIT_FAILURE, t_dense::gas_phase, GrainVar::GasCoolColl, GetPotValues(), GrainVar::GrainEmission, GrainVar::GrainHeatCollSum, GrainVar::GrainHeatDif, GrainVar::GrainHeatInc, GrainVar::GrainHeatLya, GrainVar::GrainHeatSum, GrainVar::GrainMetal, GrainVar::GraphiteEmission, GrainVar::GrnRecomTe, GrnStdDpth(), gv, HEAT_TOLER, HEAT_TOLER_BIN, t_conv::HeatCoolRelErrorAllowed, t_thermal::heating, hunt_bisect(), INCL_TUNNEL, InitBinAugerData(), InitEmissivities(), InitEnthalpy(), AEInfo::IonThres, ioQQQ, ipHYDROGEN, ipLITHIUM, GrainVar::lgAnyDustVary, t_trace::lgDustBug, GrainVar::lgDustOn(), GrainVar::lgQHeatAll, GrainVar::lgQHeatOn, t_trace::lgTrace, GrainVar::lgWD01, LIMELM, MAT_PAH, MAT_PAH2, MAX2, NCHS, NCHU, AEInfo::nData, t_rfield::nflux, nint(), AEInfo::nSubShell, t_rfield::nupper, GrainVar::nzone, pot2chrg(), pow(), POW2, ReadAugerData(), rfield, GrainVar::SilicateEmission, STICK_ELEC, thermal, TorF(), trace, GrainVar::which_zmin, ZMIN_CAR, and ZMIN_SIL.

Referenced by OpacityCreateAll().

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void GrainStartIter ( void   ) 
void GrainZero ( void   ) 

this routine is called by zero(), so it should contain initializations that need to be done every time before the input lines get parsed

Definition at line 504 of file grains.cpp.

References GrainVar::clear(), DEBUG_ENTRY, and gv.

Referenced by zero().

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void InitEnthalpy ( void   ) 

initialize interpolation arrays for grain enthalpy

Definition at line 2469 of file grains_qheat.cpp.

References GrainVar::bin, DEBUG_ENTRY, GrainVar::dsttmp, GRAIN_TMIN, gv, log_integral(), NDEMS, spline(), tlim, and uderiv().

Referenced by GrainsInit().

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void mie_read_opc ( const char *  ,
const GrainPar  
void mie_write_opc ( const char *  ,
const char *  ,
long  int 


[in] *rfi_file 
[in] *szd_file 

Definition at line 272 of file grains_mie.cpp.

References grain_data::abun, t_rfield::anu, sd_data::area, AS_LOCAL_ONLY, grain_data::atom_weight, ATOMIC_MASS_UNIT, grain_data::bandgap, t_cpu_i::big_endian(), car1_fun(), car2_fun(), car3_fun(), grain_data::cAxis, cdEXIT, grain_data::charge, t_elementnames::chElementSym, grain_data::clear(), sd_data::clim, multi_arr< T, d, ALLOC, lgBC >::clone(), continuum, sd_data::cPart, cpu, DEBUG_ENTRY, grain_data::depl, t_rfield::egamry, elementnames, grain_data::elmAbun, t_rfield::emm, EXIT_FAILURE, FILENAME_PATH_LENGTH_2, gv, t_cpu::i(), IAL_CAR, IAL_SIL, Singleton< t_version >::Inst(), ioQQQ, ipBHi, ipBLo, LABELSIZE, LABELSUB1, LABELSUB2, sd_data::lgLogScale, sd_data::lim, LIMELM, sd_data::magic, grain_data::magic, MAGIC_OPC, grain_data::matType, max(), t_continuum::mesh_md5sum, mie_auxiliary(), mie_auxiliary2(), mie_calc_ial(), mie_cs(), mie_cs_size_distr(), mie_read_mix(), mie_read_rfi(), mie_read_szd(), mie_repair(), min(), grain_data::mol_weight, grain_data::nAxes, grain_data::norm, sd_data::nPart, t_rfield::nupper, OPC_GREY, OPC_PAH1, OPC_PAH2C, OPC_PAH2N, OPC_PAH3C, OPC_PAH3N, OPC_TABLE, open_data(), pow(), POW4, radius, sd_data::radius, t_continuum::ResolutionScaleFactor, RFI_TABLE, rfield, grain_data::rfiType, grain_data::rho, SD_NR_CARBON, SD_SINGLE_SIZE, sd_data::sdCase, ShowMe(), size_distr(), strstr_s(), grain_data::subl_temp, tbl_fun(), grain_data::therm_eff, sd_data::unity, sd_data::unity_bin, sd_data::vol, WAVNRYD, GrainVar::which_ial, grain_data::work, and grain_data::wt.

Referenced by ParseCompile().

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void qheat ( vector< double > &  ,
vector< double > &  ,
long *  ,

main routine for quantum heating

Referenced by GrainMakeDiffuse(), and mole_h2_grain_form().

void SetNChrgStates ( long   ) 

this routine is called by ParseSet()

Definition at line 574 of file grains.cpp.

References ASSERT, DEBUG_ENTRY, gv, GrainVar::nChrgRequested, and NCHU.

Referenced by ParseSet().

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