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double DielecRecombRate (long ipISO, long nelem, long ipLo)
double Recomb_Seaton59 (long nelem, double temp, long n)
double He_cross_section (double EgammaRyd, double EthRyd, long n, long l, long S, long nelem)

Function Documentation

double DielecRecombRate ( long  ipISO,
long  nelem,
long  ipLo 
double He_cross_section ( double  EgammaRyd,
double  EthRyd,
long  n,
long  l,
long  S,
long  nelem 

He_cross_section returns cross section (cm^-2), is a wrapper for cross_section

EgammaRyd,the photon energy in Ryd,
EthRyd,the threshold energy in Ryd,
ipLevel,the index of the level, 0 is ground, 3 within 2 3P,
ipZ is charge, equal to 1 for Helium,

Definition at line 44 of file helike_recom.cpp.

References ASSERT, cross_section(), ipHE_LIKE, ipHELIUM, iso_sp, and t_iso_sp::QuantumNumbers2Index.

Referenced by iso_cross_section(), and Opacity_iso_photo_cs().

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double Recomb_Seaton59 ( long  nelem,
double  temp,
long  n 

Recomb_Seaton59 - computes total recombination into levels greater than nmax = n.


Definition at line 193 of file helike_recom.cpp.

References ExponentialInt(), pow(), qg32(), TE1RYD, X1Int(), X2Int(), and Xn_S59.

Referenced by iso_radiative_recomb(), and iso_recomb_setup().

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