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Data Structures

struct  t_hydro


realnum HydroCSInterp (long int nelem, long int ipHi, long int ipLo, long int Collider)
void HydroLevel (long int ipZ)
double HydroRecCool (long int n, long int ipZ)
double HCoolRatio (double t)
double H_cross_section (double EgammaRyd, double EthRyd, long n, long l, long nelem)


t_hydro hydro

Detailed Description

this file contains the variables for the model hydrogen ions, and prototypes for the series of routines that drive the atom the EXTERN structure hydro is defined here - all H variables should migrate here

Definition in file hydrogenic.h.

Function Documentation

double H_cross_section ( double  EgammaRyd,
double  EthRyd,
long  n,
long  l,
long  nelem 

H_cross_section - get Hydrogenic cross section


Definition at line 22 of file hydro_recom.cpp.

References ASSERT, H_photo_cs(), and MAX2.

Referenced by iso_cross_section().

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double HCoolRatio ( double  t  ) 

returns the ratio of recombination cooling to recombination coefficient

t the scaled temperature, T * n^2 / Z^2, n is prin quant number, Z is charge, 1 for H

Definition at line 126 of file hydroreccool.cpp.

References DEBUG_ENTRY, MAX2, MIN2, pow(), x1, and x2.

Referenced by HydroRecCool(), and iso_rad_rec_cooling_approx().

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realnum HydroCSInterp ( long int  nelem,
long int  ipHi,
long int  ipLo,
long int  Collider 

HydroCSInterp calculate collision strengths for all transitions of h-like iso sequence, all colliders


Definition at line 1055 of file hydrocollid.cpp.

References ASSERT, CS_l_mixing_PS64(), CS_l_mixing_VF01(), CS_ThermAve_PR78(), CS_VS80(), DEBUG_ENTRY, EN1RYD, g, HCSAR_interp(), Hydcs123(), hydro_vs_deexcit(), ipELECTRON, ipH2p, ipH2s, ipH_LIKE, ipHYDROGEN, ipPROTON, iso_ctrl, iso_sp, L_, t_opac::lgCaseB_HummerStorey, t_isoCTRL::lgColl_excite, t_isoCTRL::lgCS_Vrinceanu, N_, opac, phycon, S, and t_phycon::te.

Referenced by iso_collide().

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void HydroLevel ( long int  ipZ  ) 

HydroLevel calls iso_level to solve for ionization balance level populations of model hydrogen atom


Definition at line 209 of file hydrolevel.cpp.

References ASSERT, DEBUG_ENTRY, dense, t_dense::eden, t_dense::EdenHCorr, ionbal, ioQQQ, ipH1s, ipH2s, ipH_LIKE, t_trace::ipIsoTrace, iso_sp, t_trace::lgHBug, t_trace::lgIsoTraceFull, t_trace::lgTrace, LIMELM, MAX2, t_iso_sp::numLevels_local, phycon, PrintE93(), PrintEfmt, PrtHydroTrace1(), PrtHydroTrace1a(), t_ionbal::RateIoniz, t_ionbal::RateIonizTot(), t_ionbal::RateRecomTot, secondaries, t_phycon::te, trace, t_secondaries::x12tot, and t_dense::xIonDense.

Referenced by iso_solve().

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double HydroRecCool ( long int  n,
long int  ipZ 

HydroRecCool hydrogen recombination cooling


Definition at line 10 of file hydroreccool.cpp.

References ASSERT, BOLTZMANN, cdEXIT, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, t_iso_sp::fb, g, HCoolRatio(), ioQQQ, ipH_LIKE, ipRecRad, iso_sp, phycon, pow(), POW2, POW3, powi(), t_phycon::sqlogz, t_phycon::te, t_phycon::telogn, and t_phycon::TEMP_LIMIT_HIGH_LOG.

Referenced by iso_rad_rec_cooling_approx(), and SaveDo().

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