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Data Structures

struct  t_magnetic


void ParseMagnet (Parser &p)
void Magnetic_init (void)
void Magnetic_reinit (void)
void Magnetic_evaluate (void)


t_magnetic magnetic

Function Documentation

void Magnetic_evaluate ( void   ) 
void Magnetic_init ( void   ) 

Magnetic_init initialize magnetic field parameters

Definition at line 133 of file magnetic.cpp.

References Bpar_here, Bpar_init, Btan_here, Btan_init, Btangl_here, Btangl_init, DEBUG_ENTRY, t_magnetic::energydensity, t_magnetic::EnthalpyDensity, gamma_mag, t_magnetic::lgB, lgBinitialized, and t_magnetic::pressure.

Referenced by zero().

void Magnetic_reinit ( void   ) 

Magnetic_reinit - reinitialized magnetic field at start of new iteration

Definition at line 123 of file magnetic.cpp.

References DEBUG_ENTRY, and lgBinitialized.

Referenced by IterRestart().

void ParseMagnet ( Parser p  ) 

Variable Documentation

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