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void molcol (const char *chLabel, FILE *ioMEAN)

Function Documentation

void molcol ( const char *  chLabel,

molcol generate and print molecular column densities

*ioMEAN file for any prints

Definition at line 12 of file molcol.cpp.

References cdEXIT, CHARS_ISOTOPE_SYM, CHARS_SPECIES, DEBUG_ENTRY, t_radius::drad_x_fillfac, EXIT_FAILURE, FeII_Colden(), h2, diatomics::H2_Colden(), chem_atom::label(), t_mole_global::list, MAX2, mole, mole_global, null_atom, t_mole_global::num_calc, radius, SMALLFLOAT, and t_mole_local::species.

Referenced by IterStart(), PrtColumns(), and radius_increment().

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