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Data Structures

struct  t_opac


void OpacityCreateAll (void)
void OpacityAdd1Subshell (long int ipOpac, long int ipLowLim, long int ipUpLim, realnum abundance, char chStat)
void OpacityAddTotal (void)
void OpacityAdd1Element (long int ipZ)
void OpacityZero (void)
void OpacityZeroOld (void)
void OpacityAdd1SubshellInduc (long int ipOpac, long int low, long int ihi, double a, double b, char chStat)


bool lgOpacMalloced
t_opac opac

Detailed Description

routines dealing with creation and evaluration of opacities

Definition in file opacity.h.

Function Documentation

void OpacityAdd1Element ( long int  ipZ  ) 

OpacityAdd1Element enter total photo cross section for all subshells of a single element into opacity array

ipZ is 0 for H, 1 for He, etc

Definition at line 12 of file opacity_add1element.cpp.

References ASSERT, DEBUG_ENTRY, dense, t_iso_sp::fb, Heavy, t_opac::ipElement, iso_sp, LIMELM, MAX2, t_rfield::nflux, NISO, t_Heavy::nsShells, t_iso_sp::numLevels_local, opac, OpacityAdd1Subshell(), OpacityAdd1SubshellInduc(), rfield, t_iso_sp::st, and t_dense::xIonDense.

Referenced by OpacityAddTotal(), SanityCheckBegin(), and save_opacity().

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void OpacityAdd1Subshell ( long int  ipOpac,
long int  ipLowLim,
long int  ipUpLim,
realnum  abundance,
char  chStat 

OpacityAdd1Subshell add opacity due to single species to main opacity array

ipOpac ipOpac is opacity index within opac opacity offset for this species
ipLowLim lower freq limit to opacity range on energy mesh
ipUpLim upper limit to opacity range on energy mesh
abundance abundance, we bail if zero
chStat either static 's' or volitile 'v'

Definition at line 10 of file opacity_add1subshell.cpp.

References ASSERT, DEBUG_ENTRY, t_opac::lgRedoStatic, MIN2, t_rfield::nflux, opac, t_opac::opacity_abs, t_opac::OpacStack, t_opac::OpacStatic, and rfield.

Referenced by OpacityAdd1Element(), and OpacityAddTotal().

void OpacityAdd1SubshellInduc ( long int  ipOpac,
long int  low,
long int  ihi,
double  a,
double  b,
char  chStat 

OpacityAdd1SubshellInduc add opacity of individual species, including stimulated emission

ipOpac pointer to opacity offset with stack
low low energy limit to opacity bound
ihi high-energy limit to opacity bound
a the abundance of the species in this level
b the departure coefficient
chStat either 's' for static opacities, or 'v' for volitile

Definition at line 65 of file opacity_add1subshell.cpp.

References ASSERT, t_rfield::ContBoltz, DEBUG_ENTRY, hydro, t_hydro::lgHInducImp, t_rfield::lgInducProcess, t_opac::lgRedoStatic, MAX2, MIN2, t_rfield::nflux, opac, t_opac::opacity_abs, t_opac::OpacStack, t_opac::OpacStatic, and rfield.

Referenced by OpacityAdd1Element(), and save_opacity().

void OpacityAddTotal ( void   ) 

OpacityAddTotal derive total opacity for this position

2 add charged heavy elements
1 stupid - why this test on opacity_abs ? - we only get here if we already passed above test on this very thing

Definition at line 27 of file opacity_addtotal.cpp.

References t_opac::albedo, t_rfield::anu, ASSERT, atoms, ca, cdEXIT, t_rfield::ContBoltz, conv, csphot(), DEBUG_ENTRY, molezone::den, dense, diatoms, GrainVar::dstab, GrainVar::dstsc, t_dense::eden, EXIT_FAILURE, t_iso_sp::fb, findspecieslocal(), fixit(), t_opac::FreeFreeOpacity, t_dense::gas_phase, t_rfield::gff, gv, h2, t_hmi::H2_total, hmi, t_hmi::hmidep, hydro, t_opac::ica2ex, t_opac::ica2op, t_opac::ih2pnt, t_opac::ih2pof, t_opac::in1, ionbal, t_opac::iopcom, t_opac::ioppr, ioQQQ, diatomics::ip_photo_opac_offset, diatomics::ip_photo_opac_thresh, t_opac::ipBrems, ipCARBON, t_ionbal::ipCompRecoil, ipH1s, ipH2p, ipH2s, ipH3d, ipH3p, ipH3s, ipH4d, ipH4f, ipH4p, ipH4s, ipH_LIKE, ipHe1s1S, ipHE_LIKE, ipHELIUM, t_hmi::iphmin, t_opac::iphmop, t_opac::iphmra, ipHYDROGEN, ipMAGNESIUM, t_opac::ipmgex, ipNITROGEN, t_opac::ipo1exc, t_opac::ipo3exc, t_opac::ipo3exc3, ipoint(), t_opac::ipOpMgEx, ipOXYGEN, t_opac::ippr, t_opac::ipRayScat, isnan, iso_sp, GrainVar::lgDustOn(), t_dense::lgElmtOn, t_conv::lgSearch, t_mole_global::lgStancil, t_trace::lgTrace, LIMELM, t_mole_global::list, MALLOC, MIN2, mole, mole_global, t_ionbal::nCompRecoilElec, t_rfield::nflux, NISO, t_conv::nPres2Ioniz, t_mole_global::num_calc, t_iso_sp::numLevels_local, t_rfield::nupper, nzone, opac, t_opac::opacity_abs, t_opac::opacity_sct, OpacityAdd1Element(), OpacityAdd1Subshell(), OpacityZero(), OpacityZeroOld(), t_opac::OpacStack, t_opac::OpacStatic, t_rfield::otscon, t_rfield::otslin, oxy, t_atoms::p2nit, phycon, t_oxy::poiexc, t_oxy::poiii2, t_oxy::poiii3, t_ca::popca2ex, t_atoms::popmg2, POW2, rfield, SMALLFLOAT, t_mole_local::species, t_phycon::sqrte, t_iso_sp::st, t_opac::stimax, t_phycon::te, TE1RYD, trace, and t_dense::xIonDense.

Referenced by ConvBase().

Here is the call graph for this function:

void OpacityCreateAll ( void   ) 
void OpacityZero ( void   ) 

OpacityZero - called by OpacityAddTotal to zero opacity array after saving it into oldopac

Definition at line 8 of file opacity_zero.cpp.

References DEBUG_ENTRY, t_opac::lgRedoStatic, t_rfield::nupper, t_opac::OldOpacSave, opac, t_opac::opacity_abs, t_opac::opacity_sct, t_opac::OpacStatic, and rfield.

Referenced by OpacityAddTotal(), SanityCheckBegin(), and save_opacity().

void OpacityZeroOld ( void   ) 

OpacityZeroOld - only set old opac to current value during search phase

Definition at line 37 of file opacity_zero.cpp.

References DEBUG_ENTRY, t_rfield::nupper, t_opac::OldOpacSave, opac, t_opac::opacity_abs, and rfield.

Referenced by OpacityAddTotal().

Variable Documentation

set true when malloced, init to false

Definition at line 100 of file cdinit.cpp.

Referenced by OpacityCreateAll(), and tauff().

Definition at line 5 of file opacity.cpp.

Referenced by cdSPEC2(), ContCreatePointers(), ContRate(), ContSetIntensity(), ConvBase(), CoolCalc(), CoolEvaluate(), csphot(), DumpLine(), emergent_line(), GammaBn(), GammaK(), GammaPrt(), GammaPrtRate(), GammaPrtShells(), t_rfield::getCoarseTransCoef(), GrainRateDr(), highen(), HydroCSInterp(), diatomics::init(), InitDefaultsPreparse(), ion_photo(), ipShells(), iso_cascade(), iso_collide(), iso_level(), iso_photo(), iso_radiative_recomb(), iter_end_check(), IterEnd(), IterRestart(), IterStart(), lgConserveEnergy(), LimitSh(), lines_continuum(), lines_setup(), mole_effects(), mole_h_reactions(), opacity_more_memory(), OpacityAdd1Element(), OpacityAdd1Subshell(), OpacityAdd1SubshellInduc(), OpacityAddTotal(), OpacityCreate1Element(), OpacityCreateAll(), OpacityCreatePowerLaw(), OpacityCreateReilMan(), OpacityValenceRescale(), OpacityZero(), OpacityZeroOld(), outline_base_bin(), ParseCaseB(), ParseCommands(), ParseCompile(), ParseDont(), ParseSet(), ParseSphere(), ParseTauMin(), pltcon(), pltopc(), pnegopc(), PresTotCurrent(), PrtAllTau(), PrtComment(), PrtFinal(), PrtZone(), radius_first(), radius_increment(), radius_next(), rfield_opac_malloc(), rfield_opac_zero(), RT_continuum(), RT_DestProb(), RT_diffuse(), RT_iso_integrate_RRC(), RT_line_all(), RT_line_one_tau_reset(), RT_line_pumping(), RT_LineWidth(), RT_OTS(), RT_OTS_AddCont(), RT_OTS_AddLine(), RT_OTS_PrtRate(), RT_OTS_Update(), RT_recom_effic(), RT_tau_inc(), RT_tau_init(), RT_tau_reset(), RTesc_lya(), RTesc_lya_1side(), SanityCheckBegin(), Save_Line_RT(), save_opacity(), SaveDo(), SaveResults(), SaveSpecial(), state_get_put(), tauff(), TauZero(), zero(), t_fe2ovr_la::zero_opacity(), ZoneEnd(), and ZoneStart().

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