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#include "cddefines.h"
#include "physconst.h"
#include "iso.h"
#include "ipoint.h"
#include "grainvar.h"
#include "ca.h"
#include "rfield.h"
#include "oxy.h"
#include "mole.h"
#include "h2.h"
#include "h2_priv.h"
#include "hmi.h"
#include "dense.h"
#include "atoms.h"
#include "conv.h"
#include "ionbal.h"
#include "trace.h"
#include "phycon.h"
#include "opacity.h"
#include "taulines.h"
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void OpacityAddTotal (void)

Function Documentation

void OpacityAddTotal ( void   ) 

OpacityAddTotal derive total opacity for this position

2 add charged heavy elements
1 stupid - why this test on opacity_abs ? - we only get here if we already passed above test on this very thing

Definition at line 27 of file opacity_addtotal.cpp.

References t_opac::albedo, t_rfield::anu, ASSERT, atoms, ca, cdEXIT, t_rfield::ContBoltz, conv, csphot(), DEBUG_ENTRY, molezone::den, dense, diatoms, GrainVar::dstab, GrainVar::dstsc, t_dense::eden, EXIT_FAILURE, t_iso_sp::fb, findspecieslocal(), fixit(), t_opac::FreeFreeOpacity, t_dense::gas_phase, t_rfield::gff, gv, h2, t_hmi::H2_total, hmi, t_hmi::hmidep, hydro, t_opac::ica2ex, t_opac::ica2op, t_opac::ih2pnt, t_opac::ih2pof, t_opac::in1, ionbal, t_opac::iopcom, t_opac::ioppr, ioQQQ, diatomics::ip_photo_opac_offset, diatomics::ip_photo_opac_thresh, t_opac::ipBrems, ipCARBON, t_ionbal::ipCompRecoil, ipH1s, ipH2p, ipH2s, ipH3d, ipH3p, ipH3s, ipH4d, ipH4f, ipH4p, ipH4s, ipH_LIKE, ipHe1s1S, ipHE_LIKE, ipHELIUM, t_hmi::iphmin, t_opac::iphmop, t_opac::iphmra, ipHYDROGEN, ipMAGNESIUM, t_opac::ipmgex, ipNITROGEN, t_opac::ipo1exc, t_opac::ipo3exc, t_opac::ipo3exc3, ipoint(), t_opac::ipOpMgEx, ipOXYGEN, t_opac::ippr, t_opac::ipRayScat, isnan, iso_sp, GrainVar::lgDustOn(), t_dense::lgElmtOn, t_conv::lgSearch, t_mole_global::lgStancil, t_trace::lgTrace, LIMELM, t_mole_global::list, MALLOC, MIN2, mole, mole_global, t_ionbal::nCompRecoilElec, t_rfield::nflux, NISO, t_conv::nPres2Ioniz, t_mole_global::num_calc, t_iso_sp::numLevels_local, t_rfield::nupper, nzone, opac, t_opac::opacity_abs, t_opac::opacity_sct, OpacityAdd1Element(), OpacityAdd1Subshell(), OpacityZero(), OpacityZeroOld(), t_opac::OpacStack, t_opac::OpacStatic, t_rfield::otscon, t_rfield::otslin, oxy, t_atoms::p2nit, phycon, t_oxy::poiexc, t_oxy::poiii2, t_oxy::poiii3, t_ca::popca2ex, t_atoms::popmg2, POW2, rfield, SMALLFLOAT, t_mole_local::species, t_phycon::sqrte, t_iso_sp::st, t_opac::stimax, t_phycon::te, TE1RYD, trace, and t_dense::xIonDense.

Referenced by ConvBase().

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