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#include "cddefines.h"
#include "timesc.h"
#include "parse.h"
#include "parser.h"
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namespace  Time


#define NUMBEROF(a)   (sizeof(a)/sizeof((a)[0]))


void ParseAge (Parser &p)


const double Time::YEAR = 3.15569e7
const double Time::MILLENIUM = YEAR*1000.
const double Time::CENTURY = YEAR*100.
const double Time::MONTH = YEAR/12.
const double Time::FORTNIGHT = (24.*3600.*14.)
const double Time::WEEK = (24.*3600.*7.)
const double Time::DAY = (24.*3600.)
const double Time::HOUR = 3600.
const double Time::MINUTE = 60.
const double Time::SECOND = 1.
KeyAction< UnitConverterTime::TimeUnits []

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#define NUMBEROF (  )     (sizeof(a)/sizeof((a)[0]))

Definition at line 9 of file parse_age.cpp.

Referenced by ParseAge().

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void ParseAge ( Parser p  ) 

ParseAge - parse the age command

Definition at line 39 of file parse_age.cpp.

References cdEXIT, t_timesc::CloudAgeSet, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, Parser::FFmtRead(), ioQQQ, Parser::lgEOL(), NUMBEROF, Parser::nWord(), parserProcess(), pow(), timesc, and Time::TimeUnits.

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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