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#include <stdio.h>
#include <map>
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Data Structures

struct  CloudyCommand
class  Parser
class  KeyAction< V >
class  UnitConverter


typedef void(* OptionParser )(Parser &)


const char * nWord (const char *chKey, const char *chCard)
bool isBoundaryChar (char c)
template<typename V >
KeyAction< V > MakeKeyAction (const char *keyword, const V &action)
template<typename T , typename V >
bool parserProcess (Parser &p, T *list, unsigned long nlist, V *value)
void ParseCosmicRays (Parser &p)
void ParseCosmology (Parser &p)
void ParseAbundancesNonSolar (Parser &p)
void ParseAbundances (Parser &p)
void ParseDont (Parser &p)
void ParseSave (Parser &p)
void parse_save_line (Parser &p, bool lgLog3, char *chHeader)
void parse_save_average (Parser &p, long int ipPun, char *chHeader)
void parse_save_colden (Parser &p, char chHeader[])
void Parse_Save_Line_RT (Parser &p)
void ParseAge (Parser &p)
void ParseAgn (Parser &p)
void ParseState (Parser &p)
void ParseBlackbody (Parser &p)
void ParseCompile (Parser &p)
void ParseConstant (Parser &p)
void ParseDLaw (Parser &p)
void ParseTLaw (Parser &p)
void ParseDrive (Parser &p)
void ParseGrain (Parser &p)
void ParseFluc (Parser &p)
void ParseHDEN (Parser &p)
void ParseAtomISO (long ipISO, Parser &p)
void ParseAtomH2 (Parser &p)
void ParseGrid (Parser &p)
void ParseInit (Parser &p)
void ParseInterp (Parser &p)
void ParseIonParI (Parser &p)
void ParseIonParX (Parser &p)
void ParseIonPar (Parser &p, char chType)
void ParseNorm (Parser &p)
void ParseOptimize (Parser &p)
void ParsePrint (Parser &p)
void ParseRadius (Parser &p)
void ParseSet (Parser &p)
void ParseTable (Parser &p)
void ParseTrace (Parser &p)
void ParseExtinguish (Parser &p)
void ParseIlluminate (Parser &p)
void ParseCaseB (Parser &p)
void ParseTest (Parser &p)
void ParseAbsMag (Parser &p)
void ParseBackgrd (Parser &p)
void ParseCoronal (Parser &p)
void ParseElement (Parser &p)
void ParseCMB (double z, long int *nqh)
void ParseF_nu (Parser &p, const char *chType, bool lgNU2)
void ParseGlobule (Parser &p)
void ParseRangeOption (Parser &p)
void ParseMap (Parser &p)
void ParseMetal (Parser &p)
void ParsePrtLineSum (Parser &p)
void ParsePlot (Parser &p)
void ParsePowerlawContinuum (Parser &p)
void ParseRatio (Parser &p)
void ParseSphere (Parser &p)
void ParseStop (Parser &p)
void ParseCrashDo (Parser &p)

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* OptionParser)(Parser &)

Definition at line 21 of file parser.h.

Function Documentation

bool isBoundaryChar ( char  c  ) 

Definition at line 66 of file parser.cpp.

Referenced by Parser::nMatch1(), and nWord().

template<typename V >
KeyAction<V> MakeKeyAction ( const char *  keyword,
const V &  action 
) [inline]

Helper template to make it easier to generate KeyActions

Definition at line 251 of file parser.h.

const char* nWord ( const char *  chKey,
const char *  chCard 

nWord determine whether match to a keyword occurs on command line, return value is 0 if no match, and position of match within string if hit


Definition at line 37 of file parser.cpp.

References ASSERT, DEBUG_ENTRY, and isBoundaryChar().

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void parse_save_average ( Parser p,
long int  ipPun,
char *  chHeader 
void parse_save_colden ( Parser p,
char  chHeader[] 
void parse_save_line ( Parser p,
bool  lgLog3,
char *  chHeader 
void Parse_Save_Line_RT ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseAbsMag ( Parser p  ) 

ParseAbsMag parse the absolute magnitude command

Definition at line 9 of file parse_absmag.cpp.

References called, cdEXIT, t_rfield::chRSpec, t_rfield::chSpNorm, DEBUG_ENTRY, t_rfield::egamry, t_rfield::emm, EXIT_FAILURE, Parser::FFmtRead(), ioQQQ, Parser::lgEOL(), t_called::lgTalk, t_rfield::lgTimeVary, LIMSPC, Parser::m_nqh, Parser::nMatch(), t_rfield::range, rfield, and t_rfield::totpow.

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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void ParseAbundances ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseAbundancesNonSolar ( Parser p  ) 

ParseAbundances parse and read in composition as set by abundances command


Definition at line 810 of file parse_commands.cpp.

References abund, t_abund::lgAbnSolar, and ParseAbundances().

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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void ParseAge ( Parser p  ) 

ParseAge - parse the age command

Definition at line 39 of file parse_age.cpp.

References cdEXIT, t_timesc::CloudAgeSet, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, Parser::FFmtRead(), ioQQQ, Parser::lgEOL(), NUMBEROF, Parser::nWord(), parserProcess(), pow(), timesc, and Time::TimeUnits.

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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void ParseAgn ( Parser p  ) 

ParseAgn parse parameters for the AGN continuum shape command


Definition at line 10 of file parse_agn.cpp.

References cdEXIT, t_rfield::chSpType, t_rfield::cutoff, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, Parser::FFmtRead(), ioQQQ, Parser::lgEOL(), LIMSPC, Parser::nMatch(), t_rfield::nShape, pow(), rfield, sexp(), t_rfield::slope, and TE1RYD.

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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void ParseAtomH2 ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseAtomISO ( long  ipISO,
Parser p 

ParseAtomISO parse the atom XX-like command, to set options for iso sequences


Definition at line 17 of file parse_atom_iso.cpp.

References ASSERT, cdEXIT, t_elementnames::chElementSym, t_optimize::chVarFmt, t_hydro::DampOnFac, DEBUG_ENTRY, elementnames, t_rfield::emm, EXIT_FAILURE, Parser::FFmtRead(), Parser::GetElem(), hydro, init_genrand(), input, ioQQQ, ipCRD, ipCRDW, ipH_LIKE, ipHE_LIKE, ipHYDROGEN, ipLY_A, t_isoCTRL::ipLyaRedist, ipPRD, t_isoCTRL::ipResoRedist, t_isoCTRL::ipSubRedist, iso_ctrl, iso_sp, iso_update_num_levels(), t_isoCTRL::lgColl_excite, t_isoCTRL::lgColl_ionize, t_isoCTRL::lgColl_l_mixing, t_isoCTRL::lgContinuumLoweringEnabled, t_isoCTRL::lgCS_None, t_isoCTRL::lgCS_therm_ave, t_isoCTRL::lgCS_Vriens, t_isoCTRL::lgCS_Vrinceanu, t_isoCTRL::lgDielRecom, Parser::lgEOL(), t_isoCTRL::lgFSM, lgHydroMalloc, t_isoCTRL::lgLTE_levels, t_hydro::lgLymanPumping, t_isoCTRL::lgNoRecombInterp, t_isoCTRL::lgPessimisticErrors, t_phycon::lgPhysOK, t_isoCTRL::lgPrintNumberOfLevels, t_isoCTRL::lgRandErrGen, t_isoCTRL::lgTopoff, t_optimize::lgVarOn, LIMELM, MAX2, MIN2, t_isoCTRL::modelRank, t_iso_sp::n_HighestResolved_max, t_iso_sp::nCollapsed_max, t_isoCTRL::nCS_new, NHYDRO_MAX_LEVEL, t_isoCTRL::nLyman, Parser::nMatch(), Parser::NoNumb(), t_optimize::nparm, t_input::nRead, t_optimize::nvarxt, t_optimize::nvfpnt, optimize, phycon, pow(), POW3, rfield, RREC_MAXN, TotalInsanity(), t_optimize::vincr, t_optimize::vparm, and t_hydro::xLymanPumpingScaleFactor.

Referenced by ParseAtom(), and ParseTest().

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void ParseBackgrd ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseBlackbody ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseCaseB ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseCMB ( double  z,
long int *  nqh 
void ParseCompile ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseConstant ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseCoronal ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseCosmicRays ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseCosmology ( Parser p  ) 

ParseCosmology parse the cosmology command


Definition at line 12 of file parse_cosmology.cpp.

References cosmology, DEBUG_ENTRY, Parser::FFmtRead(), fixit(), t_cosmology::h, ioQQQ, t_cosmology::lgDo, Parser::nMatch(), t_cosmology::omega_baryon, t_cosmology::omega_k, t_cosmology::omega_lambda, t_cosmology::omega_matter, t_cosmology::omega_rad, and TotalInsanity().

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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void ParseCrashDo ( Parser p  ) 

ParseCrashDo any of several tests to check that the code can crash


Definition at line 45 of file parse_crashdo.cpp.

References multi_arr< T, d, ALLOC, lgBC >::alloc(), ar2, ARR_SIZE, ASSERT, cdEXIT, multi_arr< T, d, ALLOC, lgBC >::clear(), DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, Parser::FFmtRead(), ioQQQ, isnan, Parser::lgEOL(), MALLOC, MyIsnan(), Parser::nMatch(), multi_arr< T, d, ALLOC, lgBC >::ptr(), multi_arr< T, d, ALLOC, lgBC >::reserve(), set_NaN(), and ZeroNum.

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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void ParseDLaw ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseDont ( Parser p  ) 

ParseDont parse the dont command

Definition at line 26 of file parse_dont.cpp.

References atmdat, cdEXIT, CoolHeavy, DEBUG_ENTRY, t_rfield::DiffPumpOn, dynamics, EXIT_FAILURE, FeII, fixit(), gv, t_atmdat::HCharHeatOn, hyperfine, Singleton< t_yield >::Inst(), ionbal, ioQQQ, ipH_LIKE, ipHE_LIKE, t_yield::kill_yield(), t_atmdat::lgCollIonOn, t_ionbal::lgCompRecoil, t_rfield::lgComptonOn, t_dynamics::lgCoolHeat, t_atmdat::lgCTOn, GrainVar::lgDColOn, t_rfield::lgDoLineTrans, t_rt::lgElecScatEscape, t_CoolHeavy::lgFreeOn, t_rt::lgFstOn, t_mole_global::lgGrain_mole_deplete, GrainVar::lgGrainElectrons, t_ionbal::lgGrainIonRecom, GrainVar::lgGrainPhysicsOn, t_rfield::lgHeIIOTS, t_rfield::lgInducProcess, t_ionbal::lgInnerShellLine_on, t_rfield::lgIonizReevaluate, t_dynamics::lgISO, t_rfield::lgKillOTSLine, t_rfield::lgKillOutCont, t_rfield::lgKillOutLine, t_pressure::lgLineRadPresOn, t_hyperfine::lgLya_pump_21cm, t_rfield::lgLyaOTS, t_FeII::lgLyaPumpOn, t_dynamics::lgMETALS, t_ionbal::lgNoCota, t_mole_global::lgNoHeavyMole, t_mole_global::lgNoMole, t_rfield::lgOpacityFine, t_rfield::lgOpacityReevaluate, t_opac::lgOpacStatic, t_ionbal::lgPhotoIoniz_On, t_phycon::lgPhysOK, t_thermal::lgPredNextTe, t_prt::lgPrintTime, GrainVar::lgQHeatOn, t_opac::lgScatON, t_secondaries::lgSecOFF, t_rt::lgStarkON, t_opac::lgUseFileOpac, GrainVar::lgWD01, mole_global, Parser::nMatch(), nWindLine, opac, t_opac::otsmin, phycon, pressure, Parser::PrintLine(), prt, rfield, rt, secondaries, and thermal.

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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void ParseDrive ( Parser p  ) 

ParseDrive parse the drive command - drive calls to various subs


Definition at line 35 of file parse_drive.cpp.

References abund, abund_starburst(), cdEXIT, DEBUG_ENTRY, dgaunt(), DrvCaseBHS(), DrvContPump(), DrvEscP(), DrvHyas(), e2(), ee1(), EXIT_FAILURE, EXIT_SUCCESS, expn(), FFmtRead(), INPUT_LINE_LENGTH, ioQQQ, ioStdin, t_trace::lgDrv_cdLine, t_trace::lgPtrace, LIMELM, Parser::nMatch(), pow(), read_whole_line(), Parser::setline(), sexp(), t_abund::solar, TauDummy, trace, and VoigtH().

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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void ParseElement ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseExtinguish ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseF_nu ( Parser p,
const char *  chType,
bool  lgNU2 

ParseF_nu parse intensity command parameters


Definition at line 10 of file parse_f_nu.cpp.

References cdEXIT, t_rfield::chRSpec, t_rfield::chSpNorm, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, Parser::FFmtRead(), FR1RYD, HIONPOT, ioQQQ, Parser::lgEOL(), t_rfield::lgTimeVary, LIMSPC, Parser::m_nqh, Parser::nMatch(), Parser::NoNumb(), pow(), t_radius::Radius, radius, t_rfield::range, t_radius::rdfalt, rfield, and t_rfield::totpow.

Referenced by ParseF_nuSpecific(), ParseL_nu(), ParseNuF_nu(), and ParseNuL_nu().

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void ParseFluc ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseGlobule ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseGrain ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseGrid ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseHDEN ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseIlluminate ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseInit ( Parser p  ) 

ParseInit parse the init command

Definition at line 9 of file parse_init.cpp.

References AS_LOCAL_DATA, cdEXIT, t_input::chCardSav, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, FILENAME_PATH_LENGTH_2, Parser::GetQuote(), input, ioQQQ, lgInputComment(), t_trace::lgTrace, NKRD, Parser::nMatch(), t_input::nSave, t_input::nSaveIni, open_data(), read_whole_line(), and trace.

Referenced by ParseInitCount().

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void ParseInterp ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseIonPar ( Parser p,
char  chType 
void ParseIonParI ( Parser p  ) 

ParseIonParI parse the ionization parameter command (IONI variant)


Definition at line 11 of file parse_ionpar.cpp.

References ParseIonPar().

Referenced by ParseCommands(), and ParseTest().

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void ParseIonParX ( Parser p  ) 

ParseIonParX parse the ionization parameter command (XI variant)


Definition at line 15 of file parse_ionpar.cpp.

References ParseIonPar().

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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void ParseMap ( Parser p  ) 

ParseMap parse map command to produce map of heating and cooling

Definition at line 9 of file parse_map.cpp.

References cdEXIT, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, Parser::FFmtRead(), hcmap, ioMAP, ioQQQ, Parser::lgEOL(), t_hcmap::MapZone, Parser::nMatch(), pow(), and t_hcmap::RangeMap.

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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void ParseMetal ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseNorm ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseOptimize ( Parser p  ) 
void ParsePlot ( Parser p  ) 

ParsePlot parse the plot command

Definition at line 16 of file parse_plot.cpp.

References cdEXIT, t_plotCom::chPType, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, ioQQQ, t_plotCom::lgPlotON, t_plotCom::lgPltTrace, NDPLOT, Parser::nMatch(), t_plotCom::nplot, ParsePlotRangeContin(), ParsePlotRangeOption(), and plotCom.

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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void ParsePowerlawContinuum ( Parser p  ) 
void ParsePrint ( Parser p  ) 
void ParsePrtLineSum ( Parser p  ) 

Definition at line 20 of file prt_linesum.cpp.

References cdEXIT, chSMLab, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, Parser::getCommand(), Parser::getline(), Parser::getWaveOpt(), ioQQQ, ipLine, lgFirst, Parser::m_lgEOF, MALLOC, nlsum, NRDSUM, Parser::strcmp(), and wavelength.

Referenced by ParsePrint().

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void ParseRadius ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseRangeOption ( Parser p  ) 

ParseRangeOption parse the range option on the luminosity command

Definition at line 9 of file parse_rangeoption.cpp.

References cdEXIT, DEBUG_ENTRY, t_rfield::egamry, t_rfield::emm, EXIT_FAILURE, Parser::FFmtRead(), HIONPOT, ioQQQ, Parser::lgEOL(), Parser::m_nqh, MAX2, MIN2, Parser::nMatch(), pow(), t_rfield::range, rfield, and Parser::set_point().

Referenced by ParseIntensity(), ParseLuminosity(), ParsePhi(), and ParseQH().

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void ParseRatio ( Parser p  ) 
template<typename T , typename V >
bool parserProcess ( Parser p,
T *  list,
unsigned long  nlist,
V *  value 
) [inline]

Interate through a list of KeyActions: apply the first which matches and then quit

Definition at line 272 of file parser.h.

References Parser::nWord().

Referenced by ParseAge().

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void ParseSave ( Parser p  ) 

ParseSave parse the save command


Definition at line 51 of file parse_save.cpp.

References AS_LOCAL_ONLY, cdEXIT, cdGetLineList(), CHARS_SPECIES, t_save::chConPunEnr, t_elementnames::chElementNameShort, t_elementnames::chElementSym, t_save::chFilenamePrefix, t_save::chGridPrefix, t_save::chHeader, ChkUnits(), t_save::chLineListLabel, t_save::chNONSENSE, t_save::chOpcTyp, t_save::chPunRltType, t_save::chSave, t_save::chSaveArgs, t_save::chSaveSpecies, t_save::chSpeciesDominantRates, t_input::chTitle, t_version::chVersion, DEBUG_ENTRY, t_rfield::egamry, elementnames, t_save::emisfreq, t_rfield::emm, EXIT_FAILURE, t_FeII::fe2ener, t_FeII::fe2thresh, FeII, Parser::FFmtRead(), t_save::FITStype, geometry, Parser::GetElem(), Parser::GetQuote(), grid, gv, h2, diatomics::H2_ParseSave(), hcmap, hd, t_grid::HiEnergy_keV, input, INPUT_LINE_LENGTH, Singleton< t_version >::Inst(), ioMAP, ioQQQ, t_save::ioRecom, ipCARBON, t_save::ipDRout, ipHELIUM, ipHYDROGEN, ipOXYGEN, t_save::ipPnunit, t_save::ipPoint, t_save::ipPunConv, t_save::ipTraceConvergeBase, is_odd(), t_save::lg_separate_iterations, t_save::lgCumulative, t_save::lgDRHash, t_save::lgDROn, t_save::lgDROn_noclobber, t_save::lgDRPLst, t_save::lgEmergent, Parser::lgEOL(), t_save::lgFITS, t_save::lgHashEndIter, t_save::lgioRecom, t_save::lgioRecom_noclobber, t_save::lgLineListRatio, t_save::lgLinEvery, t_save::lgNoClobber, t_grid::lgOutputTypeOn, t_save::lgPunContinuum, t_save::lgPunConv, t_save::lgPunConv_noclobber, t_save::lgPunHeader, t_save::lgPunLstIter, t_save::lgPunPoint, t_save::lgPunPoint_noclobber, GrainVar::lgQHPunLast, t_save::lgQHSaveFile_noclobber, t_save::lgRealSave, t_save::lgSaveEveryZone, t_save::lgSaveGrid_noclobber, t_rfield::lgSaveOpacityFine, t_save::lgSaveToSeparateFiles, t_grid::lgSaveXspec, t_FeII::lgShortFe2, t_save::lgTraceConvergeBase, t_save::lgTraceConvergeBase_noclobber, t_save::lgTraceConvergeBaseHash, LIMELM, LIMPUN, t_save::LinEvery, t_grid::LoEnergy_keV, t_hcmap::MapZone, MAX2, MAX_HEADER_SIZE, MIN2, t_geometry::nend, NFE2LEVN, t_save::nLineList, nMatch(), Parser::nMatch(), Parser::nMatchErase(), Parser::NoNumb(), t_save::nsave, t_save::nSaveEveryZone, NUM_OUTPUT_TYPES, open_data(), t_save::optname, parse_save_average(), parse_save_colden(), parse_save_line(), Parse_Save_Line_RT(), t_grid::pnunit, pow(), t_save::punarg, GrainVar::QHSaveFile, t_hcmap::RangeMap, rfield, Energy::Ryd(), save, t_save::SaveLineListFree(), Energy::set(), sprt_wl(), Parser::StandardEnergyUnit(), strchr_s(), TotalInsanity(), WAVNRYD, and t_save::wlLineList.

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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void ParseSet ( Parser p  ) 

ParseSet parse the set command

Definition at line 44 of file parse_set.cpp.

References t_dynamics::AdvecLengthInit, atmdat, t_co::C12_C13_isotope_ratio, cdEXIT, t_save::chFilenamePrefix, t_hmi::chGrainFormPump, t_hmi::chH2_small_model_type, t_save::chHashString, t_hmi::chJura, GrainVar::chPAH_abundance, t_dynamics::chPresMode, t_optimize::chVarFmt, t_atmdat::CIRCData, co, diatomics::coll_source, t_atmdat::collstrDefault, continuum, conv, cpu, t_hydro::D2H_ratio, DEBUG_ENTRY, dense, DEPTH_OFFSET, t_atmdat::DIMA, t_ionbal::DR_mean_scale, t_radius::drChange, dynamics, t_conv::EdenErrorAllowed, t_dense::EdenFraction, t_dense::EdenSet, t_rfield::egamry, t_rfield::emm, t_continuum::EnergyKshell, EXIT_FAILURE, t_FeII::feconwlHi, t_FeII::feconwlLo, FeII, Parser::FFmtRead(), t_coll_source::filename, t_rfield::fine_ener_hi, t_rfield::fine_ener_lo, t_rfield::fine_opac_nelem, t_rfield::fine_opac_nresolv, t_rfield::FluxFaint, t_conv::GasPhaseAbundErrorAllowed, geometry, Parser::GetElem(), Parser::GetQuote(), GrainVar::GrainHeatScaleFactor, t_ionbal::guess_noise, gv, h2, t_hmi::H2_frac_abund_set, hcmap, t_dense::HCorrFac, t_atmdat::HCTAlex, t_conv::HeatCoolRelErrorAllowed, hmi, t_atmdat::HYBRID, hydro, t_cpu::i(), init_genrand(), input, INPUT_LINE_LENGTH, Singleton< t_ADfA >::Inst(), Singleton< T >::Inst(), ionbal, t_conv::IonizErrorAllowed, ioQQQ, ipHELIUM, iso_ctrl, t_iterations::iter_malloc, iterations, GrainVar::lgBakesPAH_heat, t_continuum::lgCheckEnergyEveryZone, t_isoCTRL::lgCollStrenThermAver, t_iterations::lgConverge_set, t_secondaries::lgCSetOn, t_prt::lgDiffuseInward, t_prt::lgDiffuseOutward, t_geometry::lgEndDflt, Parser::lgEOL(), t_dynamics::lgEquilibrium, t_mole_global::lgFederman, t_radius::lgFixed, t_save::lgFLUSH, t_atmdat::lgGbarOn, diatomics::lgH2_H_coll_07, diatomics::lgH2_He_ORNL, t_isoCTRL::lgInd2nu_On, t_ionbal::lgInnerShell_Gu06, t_ionbal::lgInnerShell_Kisielius, t_hmi::lgLeiden_Keep_ipMH2s, t_hmi::lgLeidenCRHack, t_mole_global::lgLeidenHack, t_opac::lgNegOpacIO, t_mole_global::lgNeutrals, t_mole_global::lgNonEquilChem, t_NumDeriv::lgNumDeriv, t_phycon::lgPhysOK, t_mole_global::lgProtElim, lgPrtSciNot, t_radius::lgSdrmaxRel, t_radius::lgSdrminRel, t_dynamics::lgSetPresMode, t_radius::lgSMinON, t_prt::lgSourceReflected, t_prt::lgSourceTransmitted, t_mole_global::lgStancil, lgTestCodeEnabled, t_mole_global::lgTreatIsotopes, t_ionbal::lgTrimhiOn, t_conv::lgUpdateCouplings, t_optimize::lgVarOn, t_iterations::lim_iter, t_iterations::lim_zone, LIMELM, t_conv::limPres2Ioniz, LINE_CONT_SHIELD_FEDERMAN, LINE_CONT_SHIELD_FERLAND, LINE_CONT_SHIELD_PESC, LineSave, MAX2, MIN2, mole_global, t_dynamics::n_initial_relax, NCHS, t_save::ncSaveSkip, t_geometry::nend, t_geometry::nEndDflt, t_FeII::nfe2con, nint(), t_rt::nLineContShield, t_hcmap::nMapStep, Parser::nMatch(), Parser::NoNumb(), t_optimize::nparm, t_input::nRead, NumDeriv, t_optimize::nvarxt, t_optimize::nvfpnt, opac, optimize, peimbt, PHFIT95, PHFIT96, phycon, pow(), t_conv::PressureErrorAllowed, Parser::PrintLine(), prt, radius, t_hmi::rate_h2_form_grains_set, t_save::Resolution, t_save::ResolutionAbs, t_continuum::ResolutionScaleFactor, rfield, rt, save, t_hmi::ScaleJura, t_radius::sdrmax, t_radius::sdrmin, t_radius::sdrmin_rel_depth, secondaries, t_ADfA::set_version(), t_cpu_i::setAssertAbort(), t_secondaries::SetCsupra, Parser::setEOL(), SetNChrgStates(), t_dynamics::ShockDepth, t_dynamics::ShockMach, t_LineSave::sig_figs, SMALLFLOAT, SPEEDLIGHT, Parser::StandardEnergyUnit(), StopCalc, t_hmi::Tad, t_StopCalc::TeFloor, t_phycon::TEMP_LIMIT_HIGH, t_phycon::TEMP_LIMIT_LOW, TotalInsanity(), t_ionbal::trimhi, t_ionbal::trimlo, t_peimbt::tsqden, UNUSED, t_optimize::varang, t_optimize::vincr, t_optimize::vparm, and t_save::WeakHeatCool.

Referenced by ParseCommands(), and ParseTest().

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void ParseSphere ( Parser p  ) 

ParseSphere parse the sphere command

Definition at line 9 of file parse_sphere.cpp.

References t_geometry::covgeo, t_geometry::covrt, DEBUG_ENTRY, Parser::FFmtRead(), geometry, ioQQQ, Parser::lgEOL(), t_opac::lgScatON, t_geometry::lgSphere, t_geometry::lgStatic, t_geometry::lgStaticNoIt, Parser::nMatch(), opac, and t_opac::tlamin.

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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void ParseState ( Parser p  ) 

ParseState save or recover previous state of the code


Definition at line 10 of file parse_state.cpp.

References AS_LOCAL_ONLY, cdEXIT, t_state::chGetFilename, t_state::chPutFilename, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, Parser::GetQuote(), INPUT_LINE_LENGTH, ioQQQ, t_state::lgGet_state, t_state::lgPut_state, t_state::lgPutAll, t_state::lgState_print, Parser::nMatch(), open_data(), and state.

Referenced by ParseCommands().

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void ParseStop ( Parser p  ) 

ParseStop parse the stop command

Definition at line 17 of file parse_stop.cpp.

References t_StopCalc::AV_extended, t_StopCalc::AV_point, cdEXIT, CHARS_SPECIES, t_StopCalc::chSpeciesColumn, t_StopCalc::chStopLabel1, t_StopCalc::chStopLabel2, t_optimize::chVarFmt, t_StopCalc::col_H0_ov_Tspin, t_StopCalc::col_h2, t_StopCalc::col_h2_nut, t_StopCalc::col_monoxco, t_StopCalc::col_species, t_StopCalc::colnut, t_StopCalc::colpls, t_StopCalc::ContIndex, t_StopCalc::ContNFnu, DEBUG_ENTRY, t_rfield::egamry, t_rfield::emm, EVRYD, EXIT_FAILURE, Parser::FFmtRead(), geometry, Parser::GetQuote(), Parser::getWaveOpt(), t_StopCalc::HColStop, input, Singleton< T >::Inst(), ioQQQ, t_iterations::iter_malloc, iterations, t_geometry::lgEndDflt, Parser::lgEOL(), t_StopCalc::lgStop21cm, t_StopCalc::lgStopSpeciesColumn, t_optimize::lgVarOn, t_geometry::lgZoneSet, max(), MAX2, MIN2, MXSTPL, t_StopCalc::nEmergent, t_geometry::nend, Parser::nMatch(), Parser::NoNumb(), t_optimize::nparm, t_input::nRead, t_StopCalc::nstpl, t_StopCalc::nTotalIonizStop, t_optimize::nvarxt, t_optimize::nvfpnt, optimize, PARSEC, phycon, pow(), Parser::PrintLine(), radius, rfield, SMALLFLOAT, Parser::StandardEnergyUnit(), Parser::StandardFluxUnit(), StopCalc, t_StopCalc::StopDepleteFrac, t_StopCalc::StopElecDensity, t_StopCalc::StopElecFrac, t_StopCalc::StopH2MoleFrac, t_StopCalc::StopHPlusFrac, t_StopCalc::StopLineWl1, t_StopCalc::StopLineWl2, t_radius::StopRadius, t_radius::StopThickness, t_StopCalc::StopVelocity, t_StopCalc::stpint, t_StopCalc::tauend, t_StopCalc::taunu, t_phycon::TEMP_LIMIT_HIGH, t_phycon::TEMP_LIMIT_LOW, t_StopCalc::TempHiStopIteration, t_StopCalc::TempHiStopZone, t_StopCalc::TempLoStopIteration, t_StopCalc::TempLoStopZone, t_optimize::vincr, t_optimize::vparm, and t_StopCalc::xMass.

Referenced by ParseCommands(), and ParseTest().

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void ParseTable ( Parser p  ) 

ParseTable parse the table read command


Definition at line 340 of file parse_table.cpp.

References AS_LOCAL_DATA_TRY, ASSERT, AtlasInterpolate(), AtmospheresAvail(), BIGFLOAT, cdEXIT, cfle, cflf, chLINE_LIST, t_rfield::chRSpec, t_rfield::chSpNorm, t_rfield::chSpType, t_optimize::chVarFmt, CoStarInterpolate(), DEBUG_ENTRY, t_rfield::egamry, t_rfield::emm, EVRYD, EXIT_FAILURE, EXIT_SUCCESS, Parser::FFmtRead(), FILENAME_PATH_LENGTH_2, fnuakn, fnucrb, fnuHM96, fnuism, fnurbn, FR1RYD, Parser::GetQuote(), GridInterpolate(), HIONPOT, t_rfield::Illumination, IM_COSTAR_AGE_MZAMS, IM_COSTAR_MZAMS_AGE, IM_COSTAR_TEFF_LOGG, IM_COSTAR_TEFF_MODID, IM_ILLEGAL_MODE, input, ioQQQ, Kurucz79Interpolate(), t_rfield::lgBeamed, lgCalled, t_trace::lgConBug, t_rfield::lgContMalloc, Parser::lgEOL(), t_rfield::lgMustBlockHIon, t_radius::lgRadiusKnown, t_rfield::lgTimeVary, t_trace::lgTrace, t_optimize::lgVarOn, LIMEXT, LIMSPC, Parser::m_nqh, MDIM, MihalasInterpolate(), NAGN, NCELL, NCFL, t_rfield::ncont, NCRAB, NDRAINE, NHM96, NISM, NKN120, Parser::nMatch(), Parser::nMatchErase(), t_optimize::nparm, t_input::nRead, NRUBIN, t_rfield::nShape, t_rfield::nupper, t_optimize::nvarxt, t_optimize::nvfpnt, open_data(), optimize, PI4, pow(), t_radius::Radius, radius, t_rfield::range, RauchInterpolateCOWD(), RauchInterpolateHCa(), RauchInterpolateHelium(), RauchInterpolateHNi(), RauchInterpolateHpHe(), RauchInterpolateHydr(), RauchInterpolatePG1159(), t_radius::rdfalt, read_hm05(), ReadTable(), resetBltin(), rfield, RYDLAM, SDIV(), SMALLFLOAT, Illuminate::SYMMETRIC, t_rfield::tFluxLog, TL_BSTAR, TL_OBSTAR, TL_OSTAR, TlustyInterpolate(), t_rfield::tNu, tnuagn, tnuakn, tnucrb, tnudrn, tnuHM96, tnuism, tnurbn, TotalInsanity(), t_rfield::totpow, trace, tslagn, tsldrn, t_rfield::tslop, t_optimize::varang, t_optimize::vincr, t_optimize::vparm, WernerInterpolate(), WMBASICInterpolate(), and ZeroContin().

Referenced by ParseBackgrd(), ParseCommands(), and ParseTest().

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void ParseTest ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseTLaw ( Parser p  ) 
void ParseTrace ( Parser p  ) 
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