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#include "cddefines.h"
#include "iterations.h"
#include "called.h"
#include "input.h"
#include "rfield.h"
#include "trace.h"
#include "radius.h"
#include "geometry.h"
#include "opacity.h"
#include "dense.h"
#include "hcmap.h"
#include "plot.h"
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#define IHI   59
#define IWID   121
#define NDECAD   18


STATIC void pltcon (long int np, const char *chCall)
STATIC void pltmap (long int np, const char *chCall)
STATIC void pltopc (long int np, const char *chCall)
STATIC void pltr (realnum[], realnum[], long, double, double, double, double, char, char *, long, bool)
void plot (const char *chCall)
STATIC void pltr (realnum x[], realnum y[], long int npnts, double xmin, double xmax, double ymin, double ymax, char chSym, char *chXtitle, long int itim, bool lgTrace)


t_plotCom plotCom

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#define IHI   59

Definition at line 7 of file plot.cpp.

Referenced by pltr().

#define IWID   121

Definition at line 8 of file plot.cpp.

Referenced by pltr().

#define NDECAD   18

Referenced by pltr().

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void plot ( const char *  chCall  ) 

plot master routine to generate some sort of plot


Definition at line 38 of file plot.cpp.

References called, cdEXIT, t_plotCom::chPType, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, ioQQQ, iterations, t_iterations::lgLastIt, t_plotCom::lgPlotON, t_called::lgTalk, t_plotCom::nplot, pltcon(), pltmap(), and pltopc().

Referenced by cloudy().

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STATIC void pltcon ( long int  np,
const char *  chCall 
STATIC void pltmap ( long int  np,
const char *  chCall 
STATIC void pltopc ( long int  np,
const char *  chCall 
STATIC void pltr ( realnum  x[],
realnum  y[],
long int  npnts,
double  xmin,
double  xmax,
double  ymin,
double  ymax,
char  chSym,
char *  chXtitle,
long int  itim,
bool  lgTrace 

Definition at line 482 of file plot.cpp.

References cdEXIT, t_input::chTitle, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, IHI, input, ioQQQ, IWID, MAX2, MIN2, and NDECAD.

STATIC void pltr ( realnum  [],
realnum  [],
long  ,
double  ,
double  ,
double  ,
double  ,
char  ,
char *  ,
long  ,

Referenced by pltcon(), pltmap(), and pltopc().

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