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#include "cddefines.h"
#include "lines.h"
#include "prt.h"
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void prt_wl (FILE *ioOUT, realnum wl)
void sprt_wl (char *chString, realnum wl)
void prt_LineLabels (FILE *ioOUT, bool lgPrintAll)


t_prt prt

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void prt_LineLabels ( FILE *  io,
bool  lgPrintAll 

prt_LineLabels save all labels and wavelengths for emission line array

io file handle to write output
lgPrintAll print all if true, if false then do not print parts of transferred lines

Definition at line 168 of file prt.cpp.

References t_LineSave::chHoldComments, DEBUG_ENTRY, LineSave, LineSv, t_LineSave::nsum, prt_wl(), wavelength, and t_tag_LineSv::wavelength.

Referenced by SaveDo().

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void prt_wl ( FILE *  io,
realnum  wavelength 
void sprt_wl ( char *  chString,
realnum  wl 

sprt_wl write wavelength to string - must be kept parallel with prt_wl


Definition at line 25 of file prt.cpp.

References ASSERT, DEBUG_ENTRY, LineSave, t_LineSave::sig_figs, and TotalInsanity().

Referenced by iter_end_check(), lines_continuum(), parse_save_line(), ParseSave(), prt_wl(), and SaveDo().

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