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#include "cddefines.h"
#include "cddrive.h"
#include "dense.h"
#include "elementnames.h"
#include "h2.h"
#include "save.h"
#include "taulines.h"
#include "molcol.h"
#include "prt.h"
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void PrtColumns (FILE *ioMEAN, const char *chType, long int ioPun)

Function Documentation

void PrtColumns ( FILE *  ioMEAN,
const char *  chType,
long int  ipPun 

PrtColumns print column densities of all elements

ioMEAN this is stream used for io, is stdout when called by final, is save unit when save output generated
*chType is PRETTY for main output, TABLE for row oriented table
ioPun index of save in save array

Definition at line 14 of file prt_columns.cpp.

References ASSERT, cdColm(), t_elementnames::chElementName, t_elementnames::chElementNameShort, DEBUG_ENTRY, dense, elementnames, h2, diatomics::H2_Prt_column_density(), ipHYDROGEN, t_dense::lgElmtOn, t_save::lgPunHeader, LIMELM, t_mole_global::list, MAX2, molcol(), mole, mole_global, t_mole_global::num_calc, nWindLine, save, SDIV(), t_mole_local::species, and TotalInsanity().

Referenced by PrtFinal(), and SaveDo().

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