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#include "cddefines.h"
#include "rt.h"
#include "transition.h"
#include "thirdparty.h"
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STATIC double conpmp (const TransitionProxy &t)
STATIC double FITTED (double t)
double RT_continuum_shield_fcn (const TransitionProxy &t)


static const double BREAK = 3.

Function Documentation

STATIC double conpmp ( const TransitionProxy t  ) 
STATIC double FITTED ( double  t  )  [inline]

Definition at line 140 of file rt_continuum_shield_fcn.cpp.

Referenced by conpmp().

double RT_continuum_shield_fcn ( const TransitionProxy t  ) 

rt_continuum_shield_fcn computing continuum shielding due to single line


Definition at line 33 of file rt_continuum_shield_fcn.cpp.

References ASSERT, conpmp(), EmissionProxy::damp(), DEBUG_ENTRY, TransitionProxy::Emis(), esc_CRDwing_1side(), esc_PRD_1side(), esca0k2(), ipCRD, ipCRDW, ipLY_A, ipPRD, EmissionProxy::iRedisFun(), LINE_CONT_SHIELD_FEDERMAN, LINE_CONT_SHIELD_FERLAND, LINE_CONT_SHIELD_PESC, MIN2, t_rt::nLineContShield, pow(), POW2, rt, SDIV(), sexp(), EmissionProxy::TauCon(), and TotalInsanity().

Referenced by RT_line_pumping().

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const double BREAK = 3. [static]
2 this code looks very similar to the one in cont_pump.cpp, can they be combined?

Definition at line 138 of file rt_continuum_shield_fcn.cpp.

Referenced by DrvContPump().

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