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#include "cddefines.h"
#include "taulines.h"
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void checkTransitionListOfLists (vector< TransitionList > &list)


vector< TransitionListAllTransitions
bool lgStatesAdded
bool lgLinesAdded
multi_arr< qList, 2 > StatesElemNEW
char ** chSpecies
vector< qListdBaseStates
vector< multi_arr< int, 2 > > ipdBaseTrans
vector< TransitionListdBaseTrans
multi_arr< CollRateCoeffArray, 2 > AtmolCollRateCoeff
CollSplinesArray **** AtmolCollSplines
StoutColls **** StoutCollData
long int nSpecies
qList AnonStates (1)
TransitionList TauLines ("TauLines",&AnonStates)
multi_arr< int, 3 > ipExtraLymanLines
vector< vector< TransitionList > > ExtraLymanLines
long int nUTA
TransitionList UTALines ("UTALines",&AnonStates)
long int nLevel1
TransitionList HFLines ("HFLines",&AnonStates)
long int nHFLines
vector< vector< TransitionList > > Transitions
multi_arr< int, 2 > ipFe2LevN
static qList Fe2LevNStates
TransitionList Fe2LevN ("Fe2LevN",&Fe2LevNStates)
multi_arr< int, 3 > ipSatelliteLines
vector< vector< TransitionList > > SatelliteLines
TransitionList TauLine2 ("TauLine2",&AnonStates)
TransitionProxy::iterator TauDummy
EmissionProxy DummyEmis

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void checkTransitionListOfLists ( vector< TransitionList > &  list  ) 

Definition at line 42 of file taulines.cpp.

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Referenced by iso_allocate().

Definition at line 18 of file taulines.cpp.

Referenced by atmdat_LAMDA_readin(), database_readin(), dBase_solve(), and LeidenCollRate().

char** chSpecies

Definition at line 13 of file taulines.cpp.

Referenced by chLineLbl().

Definition at line 40 of file taulines.cpp.

Referenced by atmdat_readin(), and CoolDima().

vector<qList> dBaseStates
2 bring these two together.

AddLine2Stack add generic emission line to GenericLines and return pointer to that state.

Definition at line 61 of file taulines.cpp.

Referenced by InitDefaultsPreparse().

vector<vector<TransitionList> > ExtraLymanLines
TransitionList Fe2LevN("Fe2LevN",&Fe2LevNStates)
qList Fe2LevNStates [static]

Definition at line 35 of file taulines.cpp.

TransitionList HFLines("HFLines",&AnonStates)
vector< multi_arr<int,2> > ipdBaseTrans

this is the set of extra lines, ExtraLymanLines[ipISO][ipZ][n]

Definition at line 24 of file taulines.cpp.

Referenced by ContCreatePointers(), iso_allocate(), iso_create(), RT_line_all(), RT_line_driving(), RT_tau_inc(), RT_tau_init(), RT_tau_reset(), SaveLineStuff(), and state_get_put().

Definition at line 11 of file taulines.cpp.

Referenced by TransitionProxy::AddLine2Stack(), ContCreatePointers(), and InitCoreload().

long int nHFLines
long int nLevel1
long int nSpecies
long int nUTA
vector<vector<TransitionList> > SatelliteLines

Definition at line 12 of file taulines.cpp.

Definition at line 20 of file taulines.cpp.

Referenced by atmdat_STOUT_readin(), database_readin(), and StoutCollRate().

this is a dummy optical depth array for non-existant lines

Definition at line 60 of file taulines.cpp.

Referenced by ContCreatePointers(), CoolAlum(), CoolArgo(), CoolCarb(), CoolChlo(), CoolIron(), CoolMagn(), CoolNeon(), CoolNick(), CoolNitr(), CoolOxyg(), CoolPhos(), CoolPota(), CoolSili(), CoolSodi(), CoolSulf(), and ParseDrive().

TransitionList TauLine2("TauLine2",&AnonStates)
TransitionList TauLines("TauLines",&AnonStates)
vector<vector<TransitionList> > Transitions

main line arrays for hydrogenic ions<br>

first dimension is atomic number
second dim is upper level
third dim is lower level
nta dim is set of pointers for quantities within line transfer arrays
in the forc translation, the upper level was too low by 1, since the
fortran was starting at 1. the lower dim was not changed by translation
since it started from ip1s = 0
any place where the third dim has -1 is probably a remnant from forc and is wrong

Definition at line 33 of file taulines.cpp.

Referenced by iso_allocate().

TransitionList UTALines("UTALines",&AnonStates)
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