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Data Structures

struct  t_thermal
struct  t_phoHeat


#define NCOLNT   10000L
#define NCOLNT_LAB_LEN   15


void TempChange (double TempNew, bool lgForceUpdate)
void TempChange (double TempNew)


t_thermal thermal

Define Documentation

#define NCOLNT   10000L

Definition at line 9 of file thermal.h.

Referenced by CoolAdd(), and CoolZero().

#define NCOLNT_LAB_LEN   15

Definition at line 91 of file thermal.h.

Referenced by CoolAdd(), coolpr(), fndstr(), iso_cool(), and map_do().

Function Documentation

void TempChange ( double  TempNew  ) 

TempChange change kinetic temperature, calls tfidle but does not check on temperature floor or update all variables

TempChange change kinetic temperature, calls tfidle but does not update extensive variables or check for temperature floor, intended for use by routines that are sanity checks rather than real calculation

Definition at line 110 of file temp_change.cpp.

References DEBUG_ENTRY, ioQQQ, lgAbort, phycon, t_phycon::te, t_phycon::TEMP_LIMIT_HIGH, t_phycon::TEMP_LIMIT_LOW, and tfidle().

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void TempChange ( double  TempNew,
bool  lgForceUpdate 

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 5 of file thermal.cpp.

Referenced by AbundancesSet(), advection_set_default(), atom_level2(), atom_level3(), atom_levelN(), atom_pop5(), AtomSeqBeryllium(), AtomSeqBoron(), badprt(), cdCooling_last(), cdHeating_last(), ChargTranSumHeat(), ContRate(), ContSetIntensity(), ConvBase(), ConvFail(), ConvInitSolution(), ConvIoniz(), ConvPresTempEdenIoniz(), ConvTempEdenIoniz(), CoolAdd(), CoolArgo(), CoolCalc(), CoolCarb(), CoolChlo(), CoolEvaluate(), CoolHeatError(), CoolNeon(), CoolNitr(), CoolOxyg(), CoolSave(), CoolSulf(), CoolSum(), CoolZero(), dBase_solve(), dmpary(), DumpCoolStack(), DumpHeatStack(), DynaIonize(), DynaIterEnd(), DynaPrtZone(), DynaSave(), Fe2_cooling(), Fe3Lev14(), Fe4Lev12(), FeIILevelPops(), fndneg(), fndstr(), GrainChargeTemp(), GrainDrive(), GrainMakeDiffuse(), GrainRateDr(), GrainsInit(), GrainTemperature(), diatomics::H2_Cooling(), diatomics::H2_LevelPops(), diatomics::H2_PunchDo(), HeatSum(), HeatZero(), highen(), InitDefaultsPreparse(), InitSimPostparse(), ion_photo(), ion_trim(), ion_zero(), iso_cool(), iter_end_check(), IterRestart(), IterStart(), lgCheckMonitors(), lgConserveEnergy(), lgConvTemp(), lgCoolHeatCheckConverge(), lgCoolNetConverge(), lines(), lines_general(), lines_grains(), lines_molecules(), map_do(), mole_effects(), ParseCExtra(), ParseCommands(), ParseConstant(), ParseConvHighT(), ParseCoronal(), ParseDont(), ParseForceTemperature(), ParseTLaw(), PrtComment(), PrtFinal(), PrtHeader(), PrtZone(), radius_first(), radius_increment(), radius_next(), RT_tau_inc(), RT_tau_init(), SaveDo(), SaveHeat(), SaveLineData(), store_new_densities(), TempChange(), tfidle(), zero(), and ZoneStart().

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