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atmdat_HS_caseb.cpp File Reference
#include "cddefines.h"
#include "atmdat.h"
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double atmdat_HS_caseB (long int iHi, long int iLo, long int nelem, double TempIn, double DenIn, char chCase)

Function Documentation

double atmdat_HS_caseB ( long int  iHi,
long int  iLo,
long int  iZ,
double  TempIn,
double  DenIn,
char  chCase 

general utility to read in line emissivities from the Storey & Hummer tables of case B emissivities.

iHithe principal quantum numbers, .
iLoupper and lower levels in any order
iZcharge of ion, only 1 and 2 for now
TempIntemperature, must lie within the range of the table, which depends on the ion charge, and is 500 - 30,000K for hydrogen
DenInthe density and must lie within the range of the table
chCasecase - 'a' or 'b'

Definition at line 7 of file atmdat_HS_caseb.cpp.

References ASSERT, atmdat, cdEXIT, DEBUG_ENTRY, t_atmdat::Density, t_atmdat::ElecTemp, t_atmdat::Emiss, EXIT_FAILURE, exp10(), fp_equal(), HS_NZ, t_atmdat::ncut, t_atmdat::nDensity, NLINEHS, t_atmdat::ntemp, x1, and x2.

Referenced by DrvCaseBHS(), and lines_hydro().

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