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band_cont Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

string label () const
long bins () const
void accumulate (bool lgReset, double dVeffAper)
virtual realnum getWl (const long ibin) const =0
double getInten (const long ibin, const int ipContType) const

Protected Member Functions

bool check_index (const long ibin) const
virtual void check_index_fatal (const long ibin) const =0
virtual void sumBand (double *sumOutward, double *sumInward) const =0

Protected Attributes

string speciesLabel
long int nBins
genericState species
vector< realnuminten_inward
vector< realnuminten_outward

Detailed Description

Definition at line 67 of file species_pseudo_cont.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void band_cont::accumulate ( bool  lgReset = true,
double  dVeffAper = 1.0 

Definition at line 91 of file species_pseudo_cont.cpp.

References DEBUG_ENTRY, get_ptr(), inten_inward, inten_outward, nBins, and sumBand().

Here is the call graph for this function:

long band_cont::bins ( ) const

Definition at line 77 of file species_pseudo_cont.cpp.

References nBins.

bool band_cont::check_index ( const long  ibin) const
virtual void band_cont::check_index_fatal ( const long  ibin) const
protectedpure virtual

Implemented in species_bands, and pseudo_cont.

Referenced by getInten().

double band_cont::getInten ( const long  ibin,
const int  ipContType 
) const

Definition at line 117 of file species_pseudo_cont.cpp.

References cdEXIT, check_index_fatal(), DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, fprintf(), inten_inward, inten_outward, INWARD, ioQQQ, OUTWARD, and TOTAL.

Here is the call graph for this function:

virtual realnum band_cont::getWl ( const long  ibin) const
pure virtual

Implemented in species_bands, and pseudo_cont.

string band_cont::label ( void  ) const

Definition at line 76 of file species_pseudo_cont.cpp.

References speciesLabel.

Referenced by pseudo_cont::setup().

virtual void band_cont::sumBand ( double *  sumOutward,
double *  sumInward 
) const
protectedpure virtual

Implemented in species_bands, and pseudo_cont.

Referenced by accumulate().

Field Documentation

vector<realnum> band_cont::inten_inward
vector<realnum> band_cont::inten_outward
long int band_cont::nBins
genericState band_cont::species

Definition at line 72 of file species_pseudo_cont.cpp.

string band_cont::speciesLabel

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